12V Entry Remote Button Starter Keyless Push PKE Ignition Car System Engine Alarm With 2 Smart remote control


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Entry Remote Button Starter Keyless Push PKE Ignition Car System Engine Alarm

Car Alarm System PKE Keyless Entry Push Button Engine Ignition Start Remote

Engine start stop: 5cm
Host: 7x6x3cm
Working Voltage:12V
Working Current:6mA
Remote control frequency:433MHZ
Receive frequency:433MHZ

Installation method 1: Directly remove the lock and use the buckle of the installation.
Installation method 2: Remove the button behind the iron, using the paste installation method.

Remote start function
1. To ACC, ON file first power supply, and then start the car
2. Long press 5 seconds to start the remote control button
3. Remote start detection handbrake, do not pull the hand brake remote start is invalid,
4. 10 minutes after the start of remote control without operation is automatically turn off, the brake on the car to stop the flame function is canceled

Sensing mode switching function
1. Open the ACC bar first
2. At the same time press the remote control unlock key and lock key 1 seconds after release
3. Horn sound that open the induction function

Emergency car function
When the induction remote control is lost or damaged, then want to use the car according to the following methods: Use the spare key to open the door, find the host open and long press
The host code on the switch for 5 seconds, then the speaker chirp 3, it means that anti-theft lock function will be lifted, the vehicle can use

Remote start automatically locks the door function
After each remote start or close the remote start, the system will automatically lock the door to ensure vehicle safety

Package included:
1 x Car engine start button(Host)
1 x Start button
1 x 5P output cable
1 x 6P output cable
2 x Smart remote control
2 x Antenna
1 x Manual

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Weight0.519 lbs
Dimensions19 × 13 × 6 in

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