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Burners Gas BBQ



Name:2/3/4/6 burners Smokeless Barbecue Grill

Pressure: 2800Pa

Gas Type: LPG Gas

2 Burners Gas BBQ Grill

Dimension: 34*40*18cm

Grill Size: 30*25cm

Weight: 6.0kg

3 burners

Dimension: 47*40*18cm

Grill Size: 43*25cm

Weight: 8.5kg


4 burners Grill

Dimension: 58*40*18cm

Grill Size : 54*25cm

Weight: 9.6kg


6 burners

Dimension: 80*42.5*20cm

Grill size: 79*25cm

Weight: 13kg

Manual measurement may have an error of one to two centimeters.Thank you for your understanding.


1.LPG Gas Grill is environmentally friendly, smokeless and more safer.

2. Bold barbecue net, high temperature resistance, no deformation,

resist oil salt corrosion.

3. Each burner can be individually adjusted for temperature control,

and the heat is even and stable.

4. Thick stainless steel food tray, No fire, no welding traces.

5. Long and rota table gas interface, safe and airtight, easy to use.

6. Reinforced thickened burner design, extended infrared burner with

fast heat transfer and large heating area.

7. Lifting knob design, you can adjust the height of the grill at any time.

8. Compared to traditional stoves, which reduce emissions by 80%, use

less fuel, heating food faster.



This machine is not suitable for high pressure valves. Please be sure to

adjust the correct high pressure valve to use.


1. High-grade stainless steel covers have small holes on them. When used for

a long time, there will be oil droplets entering the gas plate.

2. Glass cover is resistant to high temperature, transparently covered directly

on the burner, no oil drops enter the clean and hygienic, protect the burner.

Burners Gas BBQ

Additional information

Weight16.000 lbs
Dimensions80 × 40 × 25 in
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2 Yellow AND Steel, 2 Yellow AND Glass, 3 Yellow AND Steel, 3 Yellow AND Glass, 4 Yellow AND Steel, 4 Yellow AND Glass, 6 Yellow AND Steel, 6 Yellow AND Glass, 2 Silver AND Steel, 2 Silver AND Glass, 3 Silver AND Steel, 3 Silver AND Glass, 4 Silver AND Steel, 4 Silver AND Glass, 6 Silver AND Steel, 6 Silver AND Glass


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