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【Name】 White Silver Needle

【Place of Origin】Fuding, Fujian Province

[Introduction] Bai Yin Yin Zhen, also known as the Silver Needle, also known as Bai Qian, is known as the "beauty" and "tea king" of tea. Since all the raw materials of the fresh leaves are tea buds, the white needles are made into finished tea, and they are shaped like needles, white and dense, and white in color, so they are named as silver needles. Its needle-shaped finished tea is three centimeters long, and the entire tea bud is covered in white, covered in silver and glittering, which is pleasing to the eye. After brewing, the aroma is fresh, the taste is mellow and the scenery in the cup is also interesting. Tea brewing in the cup, that appears to be doubtful light flashes of white clouds, full of floating milk, buds stand upright, awesome.

The white silver needle is a layer of fine hair on the back of the tea shoots, which is white after drying. If it does not fall off, the tea leaves appear white and is white tea. After soaking, the white tea still adheres to the tea. After the green tea was rubbed, it was crushed and shattered. After the tea was made, the shattered white water was floating on the surface of the water. It seemed to be like an oil film, which proved that the tea was very fresh.

[brewing method] The brewing teapot is usually a straight transparent glass cup with no color and no flowers, and the drinkers can appreciate the color and changing posture of the bad tea from all angles. When brewing, the water temperature of Baima Silver Needle is better than 70°C. The specific brewing procedures are as follows:

• Preparations: more use of entrusted glass.

• Enjoy tea: Take out a little white tea with a teaspoon and place it on a tray for guests to enjoy the shape and color of dry tea.

• Set tea: Take 2 grams of white tea and place it in a glass.

• Infiltration: Infuse a little boiling water to allow the tea in the cup to soak for about 10 seconds.

• Tea: Next, use a high punch to flush 100-120 ml of boiling water in the same direction.

• Bong Tea: Courteously, use your two-handed cup to drink to the guests.

• Tasting: At the beginning of the brewing of silver needles, the tea buds float on the surface of the water. After 5-6 minutes, some tea buds sink to the bottom of the cup. At this time, the tea buds are erect and staggered, like bamboo shoots after rain. After about 10 minutes, the tea soup is orange-yellow.

【Efficacy】 White Silver Needle Therapeutic effect: White needles taste warm, cold

Detoxification, antipyretic, anti-fire effect            

A stomach and refreshing, dampness fever, often used as a medicinal, have reduced virtual fire, the role of anti-virus drugs, Changyin can prevent disease, is considered a good medicine for the treatment of measles, antipyretic summer heat detoxification.


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