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【Name】2020 Superior Rose Tea 

【Place of Origin】 China Fujian Province, Guangdong Province, Zhejiang Province

【Save method】1, avoid light. Tea sunlight can easily cause color change and qualitative change. The tea leaves stored in a white transparent glass bottle are exposed to sunlight, and a small amount of water contained therein will evaporate, causing the tea to turn damp, turn yellow, or produce a musty smell. Therefore, the tea leaves should be preserved in light-proof containers.

2, to prevent air. The tea should be divided into small portions and stored separately. If they are stored together in large quantities, they are often opened for use. The aroma of the tea will volatilize and leave the taste. The moisture in the air will also enter, and the tea will be susceptible to moisture and deterioration. 3, to prevent the return of tea. The water content of tea itself is very low, but the olefins contained in the tea are very hygroscopic. Therefore, it is advisable to use clean white cotton paper and kraft paper to separate the tea into small packets and store them in jars.

4. Avoid access to heat sources. Even if the tea leaves in the sealed cans, they cannot be placed next to stoves and boilers that are prone to generate water vapor and heat, in order to prevent heat fumigation and moisture from deteriorating.

5, prevent odor intrusion. The ene-like substances in the tea have the characteristics of strong absorption of odor. Therefore, when storing tea containers, avoid odor-absorbing articles at the same time. Otherwise, the tea will quickly become odorless, especially in cabinets with mothballs.

[Introduction] Rose tea is a kind of Chinese tea that is reprocessed in China. It has sweet and rich floral aromas, among which the semi-open rose has the best quality. The finished tea is sweet, fragrant, and full of aroma. Rose tea production process for the tea blanks and flowers processing, flowers and flowers, flowers, fire, jacquard. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the roses are sweet and slightly bitter, and the most obvious effect is qi stagnation, blood stasis, and menstruation and pain relief. In addition, the medicinal properties of the roses are very gentle, they can warm the hearts and blood of humans, relieve the sensation in the body, and have a calming, soothing and anti-depressant effect. Rose tea can reduce anger, nourish yin and beauty, regulate blood gas, promote blood circulation, beauty, and reduce fatigue, heal wounds, protect liver gastrointestinal function, long-term drinking can also help promote metabolism. [4]

Special taboos

1. Rose tea has a converging effect and constipation is not suitable for drinking.

2. The role of rhubarb blood stasis is relatively strong, and excessive menstrual flow is not suitable for drinking during menstruation.

3, Wei Han, diarrhea, often feel tired, weak people should not take.




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