7.5 CM PVC Musle Roller Ball Spinal Massage Relieve Sore Muscle Yoga Ball Physical Fitness Appliance Exercise balance


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7.5 CM PVC Musle Roller Ball Spinal Massage Relieve Sore Muscle Yoga Ball Physical Fitness Appliance Exercise balance

1. Name: massage ball (hard, no need air inflation ,powerful)
2. Material: pvc
3. Product Size: about 7.5cm/2.95in
4. Weight: about 0.08kg
5. Age: children / adults / the old
6. Suitable for: hand, foot, neck, shoulder, arm, back,waist and so on



You may have soreness of cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra due to seating at the computer for too long time or your habitual post. You may be busy and have no time to do sports. This massage tool will massage all part of your body in your spare time from stressful work and study, meanwhile it can also exercise your hand for you grip the tool. This product not only can relax your tense nerve and facilitate your blood circulation, but also let you enjoy the comfort of massage and get rid of tiredness.


(1) Can be placed on palm, soles ,limbs, or other parts of the Children body by pressing, rolling or massage. To stimulate the skin to help the development of positive and stable mood.
(2)Fat burning supplement: quickly separating the fat, save time and effort, useful tool for beautician.
(3) Head massage: to improve the problem of hair loss, insomnia, memory decline, dull yellow face. Convenient usage.
(4) Foot massage: Blood circulation effect is more than 20 times of manual massage, and extremely labor-saving, make your body feel hot, smooth your body
(5) leg lymphatic massage, leg shape: The best tool for eliminating edema, small rash, fat of the legs.
(6)Back massage: To predict the user’s health state according to the note of the product. Method: fromthetoptobottom, with the order of head, neck, back, waist or abdomen, the limbs. Firstly massage the left side of the body, and then massage the right side of the body
(7) Head massage: Brush from the forehead to the back of the head, no need to apply the lubricant, about 30 times for each part , till the head fells a sense of heat
(8) Neck massage: brush from the top to the bottom, with the role of disease prevention and treatment
(9) Chest massage: Brush from top to bottom along midline of abdominal. Pay attention to avoiding the nipple
(10) Abdominal massage: smooth from the top of abdomen to the bottom (people who splanchnoptosia, should smooth from the bottom to the top) can also circle with spiral
(11) Lower limb massage: smooth from the top to the bottom

(12) Foot massage: massage from the heel to the toe


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Weight0.082 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7 × 7 in

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Czech Republic, CHINA, United States


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