Acer Chromebook Spin 311 Convertible Laptop | Intel Celeron N4000 | 11.6″ HD Touch Corning Gorilla Glass Display | 4GB LPDDR4 | 64GB eMMC | Intel…

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You Get $ Money For Referral : Refer your friends and you’ll earn commission on their purchases . Thank You !

  • Chromebook runs on Chrome OS – An operating system by Google that is built for the way we live today. It comes with built-in virus protection, updates automatically, boots up in seconds and continues to stay fast over time. (Internet connection is required).
  • All the Google apps you know and love come standard on every Chromebook, which means you can edit, download, and convert Microsoft Office files in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.
  • Get access to more than 2 million Android apps from Google Play to learn and do more.
  • Chromebooks come with built-in storage for offline access to your most important files and an additional 100GB of Google Drive space to ensure that all of your files are backed up automatically.
  • Acer CP311-2H-C7QD convertible Chromebook comes with 11.6” HD Touch IPS Display with Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass, Intel Celeron N4000, 4GB LPDDR4 Memory, 64GB eMMC, Chrome OS and up to 10-hours battery life.

You Get $ Money For Referral : Refer your friends and you’ll earn commission on their purchases . Thank You !

Additional information

Standing screen display size

‎11.6 Inches

Max Screen Resolution

‎1366 x 768 Pixels


‎2.6 GHz celeron_n4000



Memory Speed

‎2.6 GHz

Hard Drive

‎64 GB SSD

Graphics Coprocessor


Chipset Brand


Card Description


Wireless Type

‎Bluetooth, 801.11ac

Number of USB 3.0 Ports


Average Battery Life in hours

‎10 Hours





Item model number


Hardware Platform


Operating System

‎Chrome OS

Item Weight

‎2.62 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎11.65 x 8.11 x 0.79 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎11.65 x 8.11 x 0.79 inches



Processor Brand


Processor Count


Computer Memory Type


Flash Memory Size

‎64 GB

Hard Drive Interface

‎Solid State

Optical Drive Type

‎No Optical Drive

Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

9 reviews for Acer Chromebook Spin 311 Convertible Laptop | Intel Celeron N4000 | 11.6″ HD Touch Corning Gorilla Glass Display | 4GB LPDDR4 | 64GB eMMC | Intel…

  1. Craig Olsen

    I purchased the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 to use as a bedside entertainment center, so I wanted something that could stream and have quality screen resolution. I liked the idea of a device that I could position with the screen set back (open like a laptop) or set forward (flip it and go triangular, baby!); I also needed a reliable blue tooth as I wear comfy headphones that I can sleep in. I have an extensive music collection that I keep on an external SSD and I absolutely love MediaMonkey because of it’s customizable interface on it’s Window’s app (I assumed the ChromeOS version would be very similar – my first major stumble).

    First, the positive: The device itself is fantastic. Everything about it feels sturdy, the touchscreen is responsive (though, I will say there are times when I feel I have to hit an app 2 or 3 times to activate). The screen resolution and sound quality are lovely for a device of this size and price – don’t go expecting studio quality here, but the streaming was beautiful. The visuals are not pixelated; it’s as good as watching on a television (only smaller). Oh, and I will say I love the fact that the USB-C port is on both sides, which makes it easier to plug in on any side (it’s the little things).

    Performance is great, I get no lag and I’ve had no issues streaming Netflix, Hulu or Disney+. I just realized I haven’t tried watching Twitch or Youtube on this. I’ll download those apps and if I have any problems with them, I’ll update this review and let you know.

    I have one grouse, and it’s kind of a biggie: The apps are terrible. It was so dismaying at first, I did actually contemplate sending the device back. I slept on it and decided I was going to stick it out. In truth, part of my disappointment is that the ChromeOS version of MediaMonkey is disappointing. When it came down to it, I tried a whole slew of music apps and I wound up settling on the music app that annoyed me the least (VLC). Most of the apps have ads that are intrusive, and even the ones I thought about paying for just don’t seem worth the value.

    Even simple apps like an alarm clock or a blue tooth manager: I downloaded several different ones, and I’m continually settling on the app that annoys me the least or seems to be able to handle some of what I would like. I even tried to find a power button app because I just wanted to turn off the computer with a single, on screen button push – despite over a dozen apps that claimed to do this, all of them performed poorly and one you had to close out an ad before it would turn off (really?!?).

    In choosing whether or not to keep it, I had to weigh the solid build and reliable performance against an operating system that was under par for Windows or Mac.

    That said, I’m very glad I kept this little guy. In the end, it’s a reliable little entertainment unit and it’s wonderful where it counts: It’s a great streamer (with a beautiful picture) and it plays music that I love and I can leave it in place and listen on my blue tooth headphones while I wander all over the house. The apps are a shame, but honestly, given the price point here, it’s a good deal and I can live with it.

  2. John An

    I got this Chromebook to replace my last Samsung 11″ Chromebook which I had for about 3.5 years.
    The Acer spin 11 was pretty good and I liked it alot. The keyboard worked much better than my Samsung.
    That thing has a mind of it’s own, I think. You type one word and the Chromebook types up something else..
    Expect for this one small problem and it started just after a month or so after I had purchased this.
    Once awhile it wouldn’t turn back on after I had idling for whatever time it took to be in power saving mode but
    It wouldn’t turn back on, everytime when this happens I have to press the side power button for about ten seconds to turn it off first then, I’d give it a minute before hitting the same power button again. I hold it just long enough to see the blue light goes on next to power button you just pressed. Oh just out of curiosity, what does the power button do located right top corner? Cause it won’t shut the computer off or on. No matter how long you hold the button down. Anyway back to main issue, just awhile I left the Chromebook to visit UPS store and came back, tried to reboot my Chromebook as usual but this time it won’t turn on. I tried unplug & replug all the cables like power, HDMI. Man I only had this for about 4-5 months and this happens. My warranty expired as well…. I’m very disappointed.

  3. Ian Lipsky

    This works pretty well if you are just going to be web browsing or watching some videos. It’s a bit slow in terms of installing/running apps. But I find it’s small size, lightweight and good battery life make it very convenient to use when you don’t really want to haul around a full size laptop. I might in the future consider spending a little bit more for a faster processor. But that’s about the only criticism I have for this.

  4. Walter McWilliams

    I bought this Chromebook as an upgrade to my devices that I have here as they are nearly 10yrs old. So, I am using it as I would use my tablet particularly for browsing the web It works very well. I am also a big music listener of both web music and of local mp3 files. It generally works well for this as I listen to it on bluetooth headphones. However there is a problem when using the Chromebook to cast my music to my Google Chromecast Ultra on my Samsung TV. It casts the screen tabs and video ok. Using my installed Pulsar Pro music player app which is Chromecast enabled I see that I get the audio signal to the Chromecast however it then just sits there and buffers (spinning wheel), no music. It works well when sent via bluetooth to my headphones. I also am trying to cast my local music files via the cast option on the Chrome browser, by selecting ‘local files’ from an SD card. It functions ok by bringing up the file I pick, however it does not cast it to my Chromecast; just returns to the file folder again. So something is going on – the Chromebook won’t cast, my music the old tablets I have will cast. I Googled this problem, and others are having this same problem with their Chromebooks as well. It is my sincere hope that Acer or whoever is responsible can fix this issue as it is a dealbreaker for me. I am also in touch with the Pulsar app developer and am awaiting their response. In the meantime I’ll wait and see if perhaps any online updates might come through to resolve this issue. Otherwise the Chromebook works to my satisfaction.

  5. melisha

    The media could not be loaded.

     Due to Covid-19, school has gone virtual and we were having laptop shortages. It was so hard to find a decent and not too pricey laptop. Luckily I found this chrome book. I looked at stores like Best Buy etc. and this exact same product was $500+ so I’m very happy I scored a good deal! It took less than 2 weeks to come in the mail and as I’m using it right now, it works great. It’s touch screen and bends backwards too if you need it just like a tablet but works as a laptop as well. Camera quality is good as well for zoom or other classroom video calls. It’s perfect, if you’re looking for a decent, not too pricey laptop for your kids school.

  6. cossackkasyl

    It is not the newest specs, but it does everything my wife needs and more. She uses it all the time and does not touch the PC. The ability to install and run every Android app we have tried adds a lot of functionality to chromebooks. Although it does not fully replace a Windows based PC (or Mac) for functionality, with the ability to surf the web, stream music, watch videos, send and receive email, use Office 365 (or other options) and add the ability to send SMS messages through their android phone I don’t the reason most people would ever need a full PC.

  7. Tracker

    I got this for my 6 year old daughter for her to use Zoom, Facebook Kids, and YouTube Kids. All 3 work 100% fine. I have no idea what the other reviewers are talking about when they say it isn’t able to stream videos or be used for video chat. There’s been no delays, drops, buffering, nothing. I mean this isn’t a powerhouse of a machine to begin with, but it’s more than adequate for basic video and video conferencing applications. Some of the nice touches are the build quality is sturdy and the screen is Corning Gorilla Glass which makes for an overall quality product. Personally I think it’s a crime that they’re still releasing models in 2020-2021 with only 32gb of storage. With how cheap it is now adays, nothing should come in less than 128gb on a new product. Ram is a little lackluster too at 4gb, but fine for the basic use of a 6 year old.

    I’d call this a buy if you’re only planning on doing some web surfing, video conferencing, and YouTube.

  8. J-F Fortin

    I’ll be honest, this is the 3rd Chromebook I order and by far the best one. The size is PERFECT and worth forgiving a tad smaller than bigger and lesser quality. Perfect thickness for carrying around and doesn’t feel bulky. No matter if using as a laptop or tablet or just a stand to watch videos or movies, I love it. The sound quality could be better but again it’s a laptop not a sound system. With a Bluetooth speaker set it’s perfect. The keyboard is as described unlike others I have purchased and the video quality is more than acceptable. Some Chromebooks have better sound quality, others better video qualities but lack in important other functions. This one checks every box just right. You won’t be disappointed trust me. I did a lot of homework before ordering this one and landed on perfection.

  9. 🌿 Fern 🌿

    I’m not some fancy tech lady, I’m just a busy working mom with a business and a child that needs remote learning or some tech time for fun. I ordered this for my business as well as for my son with remote learning or for him to play on if I need to keep him busy. It seems to be working great. I love that it doubles as a touch screen. It’s a neat design where you can prop it up, but you want to be careful where you are setting it,, because you don’t want to be rubbing the keyboard into some dirty. The dry erase board that’s smaller for my son’s school, that he can put underneath it if he’s going to be using it around the house. You can also fold it flat just like an iPad. The touch screen works well. If you are not familiar with chromebook, you will need to set up an account to get it going. I really wish they didn’t force you to give all your personal information like that, and I miss just being able to set it up without giving my identifying information. You have the option to set it up for a child and an adult, and I have used it both ways. For a child there are a lot of restrictions that you can set up for them and it will ask their age and you need to set up their email. I created email for my son, because I don’t want him having access to my personal information since you’re Google account will be tied to your computer. There are settings on it that if he tries to order or download certain things it tells him he needs to ask me and I will approve it. You can also connect this to another computer and I’ve used duet display but you need to pay for it on one computer. That’s if you want to have dual monitors. I was bummed Chromebook doesn’t support Filmora as part of my work is video creation, but right now Chromebook is not compatible. I always hook up external keyboards and mouses, because I can’t type on laptops like this or I just messed up everything I’m typing as I need the big buttons, so I can’t tell you how great or not great that is since they all annoy me. You can get the Netflix app on this one. I’ve had a laptop before that was not compatible with it, so that is great for my son. The computer seems to be pretty fast. I can run my business from this. The battery is great, but make sure you don’t constantly have it charging or you will ruin your battery so let it drain as much as possible. Make sure you read the specs on the ports that this has, because Chromebooks don’t have as many as most of the laptops out there so you might need additional products. I think this is an affordable option and you get quite a bit. Sometimes a Chromebook like this just makes a lot more sense than spending quite a bit more on a regular laptop. Since this can double as a touchscreen and tablet you have the best of both worlds. It’s big enough where you can see what you were doing on the screen, and small enough to be able to haul around pretty easily. I did invest in getting a screen protector since my son is only seven, and he can be a hot mess. That was pretty spendy at $20, so hopefully more people come out with some better prices for that down the road. Anyway, I’m really happy with this and so is my son, and I recommend.

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