Amazon Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Suit Clothes Hangers, Black/Rose Gold – Pack of 30

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Black/Rose Gold


Amazon Basics


Plastic + velvet

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17.4 x 0.2 x 9.2 inches

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2.32 ounces


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9 reviews for Amazon Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Suit Clothes Hangers, Black/Rose Gold – Pack of 30

  1. Abigail Griffith

    Just like the title says, I love these hangars because they keep my blouses up and prevents them from slipping off the sides, particularly for wider ones. It bugs me when i pull out onenshirt and its by a slippery other one that just falls and crumples when i grab the adjacent. I hate hangars most of the time but these are pretty great. I used similar ones all through high-school too.

    Mind you while I do think these are sturdy, most of my clothes are also very light. I would not recommend hanging anything heavier than dress pants on them from the bottom part. If you’re using the sides, dresses are supported well, but something like jeans or heavy work pants may make them bow a little.

    Overall, for what I use them for and for my wardrobe, I’m very happy with the product.

  2. Jerrie P.

    These hangers are durable and I can hang up all my clothes and shirts with out them slipping off the hangers… becuase I’ve had those issues with the plastic hangers. With these hangers I don’t need to constantly buy new plastic ones. Great buy and great price for a 50 pack.

  3. chad breuer

    These hangers work great and have seemed to hold up well. I absolutely hate every plastic hanger I have ever tried but I now see why they faded out the felt hangers. They work great for what I wanted. Actually way to well for my taste. A plastic hanger would take about a second or two to hang up, where these take around 20-30 seconds to hang up each shirt since they cling so well to the velvet. I’m not dissing these hangers in any way. They are exactly what I was looking for, they just work a little to well. I’ve had some hangers with rubber on them that I think I’d recommend more

  4. Motheroftwins

    Skinny, velvet style black hangers work great for all my jeans, sweaters and t shirts. They are pretty durable and don’t snap or break at the hook part easily or if I have to pry a sweater off, they stay intact. I had some other pink velvet hangers that seemed to always break if I even remotely pulled on the sweater to remove it from the hanger. These don’t do that which makes me happy! Plus they are skinny so you can fit more clothes on your closet rack.

  5. Actarus

    Ho acquistato queste grucce circa un anno fa, nell’intento di ammodernare ed aumentare la capienza dei miei armadi. Devo ammettere che a causa delle tante recensioni negative che avevo letto per questo articolo, ho titubato parecchio prima di comprarle. Personalmente ritengo di aver centrato pienamente l’acquisto. Pertanto vi condivido con cognizione di causa le mie serene ed imparziali valutazioni.
    Queste grucce sono valide nei materiali, nella compattezza e nella funzionalità, quindi assolvono perfettamente al loro compito. Hanno un grip perfetto, grazie al loro rivestimento in velluto leggero. Pertanto i capi non scivolano (come accade con quelle classiche di plastica), ed io le uso alla grande per pantaloni, camicie, giacche e giubbotti. Sono piuttosto resistenti ed il gancio ruota di 360°.

    Queste grucce perdono davvero i peli? Macchiano i capi? In base alla mia esperienza no!

    Non ho riscontrato in nessuna delle mie 50 grucce di colore avorio, che ormai utilizzo da un anno, alcuna perdita di peli o pelucchi. Non hanno mai scolorito o macchiato alcun capo. Probabilmente sono inconvenienti che si manifestano con le grucce di colore nero, sicuramente non con queste di colore avorio.

    Riguardo alle varie misure di queste grucce, che sono spesse circa 4 millimetri, vi lascio qualche foto a supporto per una vostra valutazione complessiva del prodotto.

    In conclusione, accertata l’indiscutibile qualità di questo prodotto, lo consiglio serenamente a tutti coloro che vogliono tenere i propri capi ben saldi sulle grucce e sfruttare al massimo lo spazio dei propri armadi, spendendo anche poco. Elevato il rapporto qualità/prezzo.

    Grazie per l’attenzione, spero che questa mia recensione possa esserti utile! Ciao

  6. Ann Carlisle

    These are great non slip hangers. I have a lot of big v neck shirts and these are the only non slip hangers that actually work. They are also very sturdy as well

  7. Luluru

    These hangers are simply beautiful in silver and blue and a second set that I bought in a rosey gold with beige. There are durable and hold clothes without problem. I only wish I had bought them sooner. I am giving my former hangers made in thick, slippery plastic to recycling because they just do not work. I think the price is reasonable for such a helpful and quality product.

  8. Domi

    “Be the reviewer you want to see in the world”– that’s what I’m going for here.

    Pros: holds slippery or wide-neck items wonderfully, nice and uniform look, velvet did not rub off when tested, seems fairly sturdy
    Cons: Does NOT save space as advertised (as compared to average cheap plastic hangers– see photo)

    The novel (soon to be a major motion picture):
    A lot of folks here talking about how much more space they have show before and afters that look the the closet was rearranged and/or culled in the process. Which makes sense! You’re touching every item to re-hang, why not reorganize, right? But for someone like me, who just has way too many clothes and needs better storage solutions for what they want to keep, this does not truly answer my question. So, when I bought these hangers, I controlled for all variables and did a perfect experiment that would make any science teacher proud: the very astute among you will notice that the items are even hanging in precisely the same order as in the before picture. The ONLY thing that changed was the hangers.

    And friends, let me tell you: I somehow felt like I had slightly less space on my closet rod, if anything! Where did I go wrong? Now, granted, I did not have wooden hangers in this closet, or coat hangers, which are very thick. Most hangers were just the cheap plastic ones of average width.

    Anyway, other than that, they’re hangers. None of them that I used (half a box of 100) were broken or broke while I was hanging things, but I’m fairly gentle while hanging my clothes. I didn’t try to swivel the heads. I do not know how they stand the test of time because I have only had them for three hours. I deliberately rubbed the ivory velvet on a knitted black sweater to see if it would shed and it didn’t– the inside of the delivery box is velvet-dust free as well. I didn’t find any “bald patches” on the hangers, but even if I had, they’re hangers, who’s gonna look? They hold pesky items that like to fall off very well, and they look nice.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Hangers were packed well when arrived. All the hangers work as they should. I had been using plastic sturdy hangers but they took up too much room. I changed them all our and now have two more feet of room in my closet. Inexpensive does not equal cheap.

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