Amazon Essentials Men’s Water-Resistant Softshell Jacket

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An Amazon brand – This lightweight jacket keeps phones more safely out of the rain with water-resistant outer shell

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1.4 Pounds, 18 x 14 x 2 inches

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October 3, 2017


Amazon Essentials

9 reviews for Amazon Essentials Men’s Water-Resistant Softshell Jacket

  1. Jaime Guerrero

    Me gusta mucho la casaca, me queda justo a la medida…es una casaca muy elegante, bien diseñada, y la tela impermeable es de muy buena calidad.

  2. ResistImpulse_VideoReviewsOnYouTube

    The jacket does the chin guard well, the cuffs are solid and the attention to detail is superb. The lining is there!! I am used to a softshell with less warmth. This jacket is best served with a layering system planned with this being a layer to provide some warmth. I have a softshell that was easily twice the cost and certainly does not meet the standard of value this jacket presents. So while I was taken sideways by how warm the lining can be, this is my own assumption and failure to pay attention to detail when ordering, not a fault I hold against the jacket. So where are the super tiny flaws? or super tiny details done right?
    The cuffs are the easiest place on this jacket to find the smallest pros and cons on an otherwise AMAZING value proposition.

    The velcro on the cuff is great quality. The hook and loop sides both are done spectacularly well. On some jackets the ribbon base on the loop side of the velcro can be placed to far to the edge of the cuff presenting an abrasive edge to wear on your hands/wrists. Not so on this jacket. The spacing is superb.
    The hook side can have issues such as scratchy hooks, aggressive ribbon base under the hook velcro or other issues that create scratching and abrasions. Not on this jacket. They use a hook section that is a rubbery material with hooks that are more like little triangle tree stumps so nothing feels scratchy or abrasive at all. The rubbery material has a friction grip feel on the back side so you can get some grip in the rain or cold, and the edges are smoothed over or rounded.

    The cuffs are where the issue of this jacket exists though, the small small issue. The lack of internal elastic or section of elastic. Basically the cuff is all fabric tube with velcro to seize it down for warmth or to close aorund your gloves during a snow covered wrestling match or w/e. In some other jackets the sleeve would compensate for this adjustability with a touch of elasticity, and I know why.

    With this jacket if you cinch down witht he velcro then you may have to uncinch the velcro to get your hand back through the sleeve. Therefore for a better day to day fit in the sleeve you would need to velcro both sleeves getting into the jacket then both getting out of the jacket. Every time. This of course is not reality and you can have them cinched down but not fully and slip your hand in and out, leaving the velcro where it is, and only need to adjust it if you want to cinch down the cuff completely.

    I know this is a very small nitpick more than a flaw, but I think if I point it out then you can understand the level of criticism I can bring to a jacket and to see this is the only thing to nitpick means the jacket for the price is an insane value proposition. They could definitely sell this jacket for double the price and still have great ratings and reviews. It is an incredible jacket and value.

  3. Papa Bill


  4. Alex

    Great jacket and very warm interior.
    The Velcro straps are terrible however and will always just stick out from the sweater and never onto the actual cuff. There’s also a sharp plastic end on the inside that stabs me every now and then. I just had to cut them off already because they always make me look like a mess when they’re just sticking out.

  5. aking646

    Fit well. Great quality

  6. Konrad

    This jacket does not come with a european left side zipper tab. It’s the american way round which makes zipping up the jacket very annoying. Otherwise a great jacket, very lightweight not much insulation, although very good at preventing wind chill. The pockets at the bottom are very deep with a smaller breast zipper pocket which is a nice touch. The cuff adjustment is very nice with a triangular hook and loop pattern which I haven’t seen before and seems easier to clean and less hairs seem to be getting stuck onto this design. A hooded and more insulated winter version of this jacket would be a nice bonus which I would have also bought as well.

  7. Gregg Stoxen

    I like it so much I bought one for a friends birthday gift

  8. Nancy Austin

    Color is great, style and fit is nice. Only problem is this item is not available in larger sizes beyond XXL. I have employees needing this exact item and color in 3X and can’t seem to find it which will leave me no option but to change all of our jackets.

  9. Faisal Mohammed

    Amazing jacket

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