Android 10.0 2 Din Car Stereo Audio Radio for Peugeot 307 2002-2013 Multimedia Video Touch Screen Player 4G Wifi Speaker MP5 DVD


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Is it suitable for your car? 
1. Check the corresponding model and year of the product and car
2. Compare the installation position of the product with the car that needs to be upgraded
3. Check if the product’s power cable interface is suitable for your car (note: not all interfaces
of the original car need to be connected)

4. If you still can’t judge, please send us the original car radio installation location (front) picture

and the original radio back interface picture to us

Purchase FAQ:

The product supports steering wheel control buttons,
supports original car cameras (CANBUS required),
supports non-original cameras (supports multiple phase mechanisms),
supports original car functions such as air conditioning settings (CANBUS required,
more original car functions are related to the original car)


Real Android 8.1/9.0/10.0 system, support application split screen, make your use handier,
support more latest applications.

 Larger Screen / More Vivid Colors
covery area.


Additional information

Weight1.700 lbs
Dimensions24 × 20 × 12 in

K3 A, TS3 A 1G 16G, TS3 B 1G 16G, TS5 A Cam 2G 32G, TS5 A Cam 2G 32G 1, TS6 A DVR Cam 2G 32G, TS6 B DVR Cam 2G 32G, T10 A Cam 4G 32G, T10 B Cam 4G 32G, S10 A Cam 4G 64G, S10 B Cam 4G 64G, S11 A Cam 6G 128G, S11 B Cam 6G 128G, S11A DVR Cam 6G 128G, S11B DVR Cam 6G 128G


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