BIOAQUA Luxury Set 5pcs Face Cream Whitening Moisturizing Face Cream With Snail Hyaluronic acid Anti Aging Wrinkle Whitening


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extraction of snail secretion filtrate,nourish moisturizing hydrating
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Open the new trend of the skin
snail mucus having cosmetic


Contains the snail secretion filtrate

Moisturizing:the product contains the essence of the snail mucus,supply moisture to the skin,nourish the dry rough skin,make skin brightand tender

nourishing:Plamts by essence,moistruizing,lock water,moisture,bright skin,smooth,make skin soft and smooth


step1.the nail moisturizing toner 25ml clean skin, permanently lubricated mild and fine foam,clean skin dirt and excess oil, to help improve dry rough phenomenon,ken skin absorb nutrients,lock the moisture loss,after cleansing the skin smooth and tenderr
step2.the nail moisturizing eye cream 3ml water embellish burnish,tighten the skin.Give skin moisture and nutrients,and help improve skin fine lines,clean and smooth skin moisture circulation,conplemnetary with palnt extracts,lock water,nourish,full tender skin.
step3.the nail moisturizing essence milk 25ml brighten the complexion,moist and glossy improve skin and elastic,helps improve skin dry lines,fine lines,fade uneven tone.improve skin moisture,luster,smooth.
steo4:the nail moisturizing BB cream 8g gentle nourishmnet,permanently lubricated promote the overall brightness of skin,improve elasticity,nourish dry skin, atfer use to help improve the appearance of fine lines,rough,etc.
step5.the nail moisturizing BB cream 3ml natural ruddy,brilliant isolation,moisturize,maintenance concealer,improve skion tone,let you exprience the natural beauty and fresh look.


  snail secretion filltrate                         butter fruit tress fruit oil                  north american hamamelis


Toner    Eye cream   Essence milk      essence cream     BB cream










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