Brooklyn Athletics Men’s Lifeguard Beach Sun Straw Hat – Unisex

(9 customer reviews)


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9 reviews for Brooklyn Athletics Men’s Lifeguard Beach Sun Straw Hat – Unisex

  1. Dv

    Love this hat for just being outside! Garden, yard work, etc. For the price, can’t beat it. Alot of comments about the durability. It’s straw, people!

  2. Rodney A. Anderson

    I like the hat very much. It provides good sun protection while doing my lawn service jobs. The problem is the shipping. Ordered the first one and it came in a box and was perfect. Ordered a second one the next day and it came in a bag and was smashed to s***.

  3. Friedmar Bendrat

    I am a skin cancer survivor whoo need constant shade when outside, this hat does it all

  4. B

    I’m a dad. You might be, too. Do you want a hat to protect that sparsely covered patch of scalp up there while the kids run around on the beach and the wife sunbathes? Yeah, I was you once, too. I bought this hat, and all my dreams came true. Yours will too.

  5. Bonesha Brereton

    My husband loves it for work

  6. Matthew Kloeble

    My wife hates this hat. She says it’s my “dad hat”. That said, I didn’t buy it for any reason other than to keep my pasty self from burning. It definitely achieved that goal.

    -Big enough to cast a shadow on my whole head/neck.
    -decent comfort on my head
    -sturdy, held shape well

    -hard to store without bending/damaging shape (it will definitely become misshapen if you crumple it)
    -very uncomfortable to wear around your neck, and when wearing it on your head the back part makes it impossible for you to lay flat against a chair

    Overall, it does what I need it to. I don’t think the issues I had with it were that big a deal for me personally.

  7. Nina

    I’ve purchased many straw hats over the course of the last few weeks. I’m a teacher and needed a good wide brim hat for playground duty/outdoor supervision since I live in CA and we have sunshine 365 days a year and sometimes it’s brutal and relentless. This hat arrived in a large box, wrapped in plastic w/ a plastic support to keep the shape of the hat on the inside… it’s lightweight, comfy and fits my head (which tends to be on the larger side w/ hats) and I have thick hair so it fits comfortably… we’ll see how long it lasts but as some other reviewers have stated, it’s a straw hat, so expect it to last as long as a straw hat may last!

  8. Pablo Midence

    This hat definitely keeps the heat off the head.

  9. Desert Guy

    This is a great hat at this price point and it is very comfortable.

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