Brooks Ghost 14 Women’s Neutral Running Shoe

(9 customer reviews)


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9 reviews for Brooks Ghost 14 Women’s Neutral Running Shoe

  1. Samantha Tidey

    I ran all throughout high school and then i ran for my college and these are my go to shoes. I typically am a 9.5 in all shoes but i always size up to a 10 with brooks ghosts. I started wearing these at model 9 and now they are up to 14 and i swear by them, but i have noticed the quality of the fabric and shoe laces declines with each new release. I still highly recommend then but if you can find 10s, 11s, or 12s those were the highest quality and lasted the most miles!

  2. Doctor J

    This is a comfortable and nice looking shoe with good support at a very reasonable price point. I would definitely buy it again and again. However, beware: the shoe sizing runs quite small. I am a guy with a very narrow foot – an 8A with a triple AAA heel – and so I have learned to buy unisex style women’s shoes whenever possible. Indeed, I have been buying a Women’s 9 Narrow size for years without a problem. So, for this purchase, I started by ordering a Women’s 9 Narrow shoe. Unfortunately, I found I had to return the pair, and I tried replacing it with a Women’s 9.5 Narrow. This was still too small! So I returned it and again replaced it, this time with a Women’s 10 Narrow. Thankfully, I find this size 10 pair fits me quite nicely.

  3. Jennifer Roberson

    These are truly great shoes, especially for the treadmill, which was my goal when ordering them. However, no matter how tightly I tie the laces, they don’t hold. Either they loosen, or untie completely. This means I have to pause my workout and re-tie the laces, which breaks my rhythm. This is why I give them 4 stars instead of 5.

    I’m purchasing those elastic Lace Locks (just like on Keen sandals) and hope they do better. But I really do like the shoe otherwise. I went up half a size to 8 to make sure the toe box was roomy, and they fit very well.

    UPDATE: Yesterday I tied them tightly before I left the house. Made one stop, then went to the gym, had to tighten and tie them again before 10 minutes of stretching, then a third time before getting on the treadmill. So I don’t know whether I got a bad set of shoelaces, or they are just poor in general. Waiting now for my Lock Laces to arrive.

  4. Brennahjayde

    I wanted some shoes to work 12 hour shifts in. I’m pretty new in the game. Both working 12s and finding comfortable shoes that don’t kill my feet are pretty foreign to me. I honestly believed that there weren’t shoes that would ever be good enough to feel any improvements, so why bother with anything other than $5 shoes at Walmart and some ibuprofen after work? Well it eventually got to me and I looked for the shoes with the best reviews. I stumbled on these and my life was changed. It has firm soles with a cushion underneath so it honestly feels like I just have support and not pillows that I’m walking on. I mean that in the best way because every pair of memory foam shoes I’ve ever owned I have worn foot shaped ruts in the center that felt like I was walking on concrete by the end of the shift. This is way better. Glad I chose to spend the money!

  5. NYC mom 25

    My Doctor diagnosed me with Plataners fasciitis flat feet and I have been in excruciating pain and she told me to look into better sneakers so I started researching on a lot of sneakers till I came across the Brooks and I don’t workout I do a lot of walking and I read the reviews on the other customers that were also suffering the same pain that I’m in and that help me to make a decision on these sneakers and I have to say I receive them today September 16,2022 on Friday and I didn’t waste any time I put them on right away and they feel comfortable with the support I been looking for… so Thank you customers for Always reviewing the products because it really made my life a whole lot easier and Just to mention this is my opinion and also I where a size 10 in women’s is true to size if you have a wide foot you would have to choose your proper size and width I really don’t know how half sizes run because I don’t have that problem… so Goodluck to everyone that are looking for a good sneakers for their pain… take care and God Bless You All. Thank You Amazon!

  6. RBree

    I’m a fan of this brooks series and since I walk a lot and am plus-sized, I go through a lot of sneakers. These are exactly as billed from a cushion and fit perspective. Due to the knit upper, they are also amazing for eliminating rubbing that may occur in other shoes that have seams. They are a neutral shoe, so do not expect a lot of support like you would get in a stability shoe. Only reason I’m giving them a 4 rather than a 5 is that the out-sole is rather soft, causing them to wear down quickly and require replacing sooner than I normally would. Average is every 3 months for a 100mile/month mover. I’m a 50-60mile/month mover and am still starting to look for replacements around the 3 month mark. Am I still going to buy these? Absolutely. Just hoping Brooks ups their game for outsole durability

  7. Sara B

    Great fit. If you know brooks they are very comfortable. So happy I checked Amazon for the great deal I got. I have plantar fasciitis, normally wouldn’t get anything other then the adrenaline’s since they helped my feet so much but I went with the ghost, did my research and there the exact same as the Adrenaline but they are a neutral shoe verses the support. The difference between can be found on brooks website. I could tell I needed new shoes by my feet hurting. Nervous about the switch, after a long work week and my feet are feeling great. A little sore the first two long days but my feet adjusted well to the ghost. If you suffer front plantar fasciitis try the adrenaline’s or ghost. You won’t be disappointed.

  8. Tammy Pickard

    I have chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy and the Brooks Ghost shoes are a fantastic find. The cushioned sole does not trigger any pressure point pain and the cushioned heal prevents slipping but allows me to easily slip on the shoe. I have already recommended these shoes and will be purchasing additional pairs in the future. Thank you for providing these shoes, they are the best ever for my feet!

  9. Laurie13

    I’ve worn Brooks Ghost trainers for a few years now and they are excellent shoes. I have damaged nerves in my feet and these are the best I’ve found for cushioning and support. As with a lot of running shoes I wear a size bigger than my normal shoe size. I’m normally a size 5, but wear a size 6 or 6.5 running shoe. For the Ghosts I need a size 6.5. They’re very secure on and have plenty of wiggle room for toes, which is a must for me. I’ve tried to buy them a few times from Amazon, but they seem incapable of sending a 6.5 and consistently send me a size 6. So I have to buy elsewhere. Might be fine if you’re not looking for half sizes!

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