CAMEL CROWN Women’s Ski Jacket Waterproof 3 in 1 Winter Jacket Windproof Warm Fleece Hooded Snowboard Mountain Snow Coat

(9 customer reviews)


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9 reviews for CAMEL CROWN Women’s Ski Jacket Waterproof 3 in 1 Winter Jacket Windproof Warm Fleece Hooded Snowboard Mountain Snow Coat

  1. Naa.

    Very nice design, great fit, fashionable and comfortable.

  2. bjackson830

    I wore this everyday on an Alaskan cruise and it was perfect. It was as 50’s, rainy, very windy and I was comfortable the entire time.

  3. Groovylocks

    As you can probably tell from the title, this wasn’t love at first sight, but my product review is overall pretty positive and I think this jacket will work for most people who buy it. So I’ll jump right in.

    I bought this combination jacket-fleece specifically for cross-country skiing and outdoor winter sport.

    – I haven’t worn it outside yet, and very well may never, but I can tell it’s warm.
    – I LOVE the zip-in fleece option. You’re essentially getting two garments for the price of one. And not only does the fleece zip in, it also clips to the back of the neck and the wrists, meaning it won’t bunch up or wander around inside the shell. It’s little details like that that make a product competitive.
    – THE PRICE. Oh wow, for what you get, the price isn’t bad at all.
    – The style: I only put this at the end because style wasn’t my main motivation for buying this, function was. But it’s really quite cute. I got it in blue and it’s every bit as vibrant and pretty as it looks in the picture.
    – the zippers are “hidden”, which makes the pockets a LOT more waterproof.

    – I really only have one beef with this. It’s way too big for me. I got the small, and it really is just too big for me. I’m typically an xs, so I knew the risks, but yeah, this thing is pretty big, even with the fleece underneath. The shell by itself would just be massive. So it likely won’t work for skiing, as you need your layers to fit a bit snugly to keep temperature controlled. I’m a really small, slight person, however, and I would imagine that for most people, this jacket will fit really nicely.
    – It’s a bit bulky and that bulk doesn’t move well. Again, probably not a huge deterrent for most people, but for those wanting to use it for sport, you may find that annoying.
    – No venting anywhere. I’m not deducting points for that, as it doesn’t claim to have any venting and isn’t specifically sportswear. But yeah, of course I would have preferred it.
    – The hood zips on (Very good!) but that zipper doesn’t go the full length of the hood. It’s weirdly short. I rarely use hoods normally, but I do sometimes when skiing.

    This is definitely a 5/5 star jacket when you consider the price, the warmth, the fact that people claim it’s waterproof etc. The size/fit being too large would be the only reason I’d send it back.

  4. Mark Ellis

    I need a warm, insulated jacket for an upcoming trip to Alaska. After reading all the reviews for the Camel Crown Womens Ski Jacket, I decided to order it. I ordered a small due to the measurements it stated on the chart and it fits perfect. I am 5’2″ and weigh about 106 lbs. I ordered the purple color and am very happy with it. The fleece “removable” jacket that is within the coat is very warm. It is well made and the hood has a draw string on it which will help with any wind or rain. I am looking forward to my trip now that I have the proper jacket to wear!

  5. Denise

    My husband and I wore this coat in 40-50 degree weather and it kept me dry and warm. The hood is a bit weirdly shaped but I just rolled up the front once so I could see out better. I always wore them both but zipped separately, I wouldn’t bother with the whole double zip thing. I am 5′ 2″, 120 lb, and the small fit good.

  6. Yail

    Es ligera. Sí son funcionales todos los bolsillos. La chamarra polar en temperaturas de 5°C a 10°C Sí funciona, pero a temperaturas más bajas, requieres otra prenda térmica. Yo que soy muy friolenta me tuve que poner una chamarra y una playera térmica, más mi playera normal, para no sentir tanto frío en la noche o mañanas (de -5°C a 0°C aprox), pero si cumple con la función de impermiable, claro no hubo aguaceros pero sí lloviznas y si aguantó muy bien. El gorro un poco ligero, pero el cuello sí protege de corrientes. Pensé que era más acentuada en la cintura, pero no quedó mal. Tallas correctas. Si te gustan ajustadas y no piensas ponerte más que esa chamarra sí elige de acuerdo a medida de busto.
    En general cumple con lo que anuncia solo, que en mi vivencia, no es apta para temperaturas menos 0°C sin otro suéter o playera térmica.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Bought this for a week long trip to Alaska in mid-March so the temperature was always below freezing as a high every day. It looks great, fits great, pockets are great, and is generally warm, but after it dips below about 10 degrees Fahrenheit or wind is above 15 miles per hour, the cold can penetrate it. Had to wear a long-sleeve plus another sweater under it on the coldest day I was there, which happened to be when I went dog sledding. They recommended I have ANOTHER heavy wind breaker on top of what I was wearing and I’m glad I did.

  8. karen

    I tried approx 4 jackets, through Try before you Buy, for my trip to Alaska. This jacket fits as expected, and the inner fleece jacket kept me very warm, while the outer shell kept me very dry! Comfortable, good detachable hood, and zippers on all 4 pockets! 😉

  9. Leslie

    I’ve had this coat for almost three years and it still holding up! No rips, no zipper mishaps. Its a good jacket! And it is warm!
    **Sorry the pictures I took are wonky! I’m not a photographer in any way!!
    But it really is a good jacket!

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