COOFANDY Men’s Casual Linen Button Down Shirt Short Sleeve Beach Shirt

(9 customer reviews)


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Package Dimensions

14.45 x 10.67 x 1.38 inches, 9.59 Ounces



Date First Available

December 13, 2021

9 reviews for COOFANDY Men’s Casual Linen Button Down Shirt Short Sleeve Beach Shirt

  1. Angela Moore

    The description of this shirt is completely false. It’s NOT linen. Nothing about this shirt is as advertised. It’s not linen, it’s not even the same color. Very misleading, and not at all the product we ordered. The photo they display is what I orderd. What I got is a completely different shirt.

  2. Methanie

    great toned down pink color for guys, will go great with jeans or summer slacks

  3. Amazon Customer

    This dress shirt, surprisingly, was my 20
    Year olds favorite gift. It is light weight for hot days and in Oklahoma it feels like 120 degrees! He loves it. I got it for him because it was a different style and different material. He likes different fashions now as a 29 year old male. It looked and felt great!

  4. NIW

    I bought this as a gift and he really likes it

  5. Mabel Black Label

    Good fit

  6. Tammy M. Estes

    I like that it comes out of the drier wrinkle free, it’s soft and comfortable

  7. Jeremy Busby

    The only complaint I have is the holes where the buttons are placed have threads that catch. So even if you un button your shirt you got to fish your buttons out of a couple loops of thread. Mild inconvenience.

  8. Jose Duarte

    TL;DR: inspect the item before deciding to keep it. Pay special attention to the stitching on the shoulders and how well the buttons are attached to the shirt.
    I bought the shirt as part of an effort to expand my work wardrobe. I was looking for a linen shirt and this shirt kept showing up over and over. It had good reviews and came in most of the colors I was looking for. However, there were some things that worried me. 1) the buttons. They were barely holding on. And by that I mean they were holding on by 2 threads and the rest already looked like they were fraying. 2) the feel. Despite the tag stating that it was 30% linen, it didn’t feel like linen at all. It felt like 100% polyester. 3) its a slim fit so there’s not a lot of room if you’re packing extra insulation around the mid section. 4) not a lot of stretch especially around the mid section and the back so careful how you move your arms. Overall I recommend the shirt and its a decent shirt but I’d prefer something similar even from an Amazon brand.

  9. Father O’Blivion

    Headline sums it up. I was actually rather impressed at first for the cost.

    First wash was with cold water and tumble dry low heat It was almost comical when it came out. I anticipate some shrinkage from new and try to purchase accordingly. This shirt fit, but slightly on the large side out of the package, so I thought “Perfect! Should fit great after washing”. Nope! My XL is now a medium.
    Granted, I didn’t read the laundering instructions, so maybe it does say dry clean only, or hand wash, line dry. Not sure. But that’s not my style anyway, so cold wash tumble dry low heat it was. I did get one good use out of it so far.

    Maybe in my 90s after I shrink a size or two it will see additional use. I wonder what will be in fashion at the retirement home in a few decades…

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