Cordyceps Militaris/Chong Cao Hua/North Cordyceps Herbal Cordyceps Flower


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Product Description

Translated literally into English, it means “worm grass flower”. But it is neither flower nor grass,
nor does it resemble a worm. In fact,it is a cultured fungus and has similar medicinal value and
chemical composition as cordyceps sinensis Cordyceps militaris are neutral
in nature and suitable for everybody in general. It has anti-inflammation and anti-aging properties.
Apart from that, it can bring relieve for insomnia, strengthen lungs and benefit the kidneys,improve immunity.


(1) Strengthening the primal Kidney functions
(2) Cholesterol reduction
(3) Stimulation of the immune system
(4) Faster recovery from bronchitis and respiratory diseases
(5) Increased efficiency and stamina of the circulatory system
(6) Anti-tumor properties
(7) Liver protection and enhanced recovery from chemotherapy
(8) Sexual potentiator

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Weight0.500 lbs
Dimensions12 × 28 × 11 in

250g, 500g, 1000g


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