DX 7806 M2 DX 71006 DX 71206 HiFi hi-end speaker HIEND level Morel Dome Alto Mundorf Pneumatic Treble loudspeaker


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Product description:
Model: DX 7806 M2 DX 71006 DX 71206
Material: Aluminum alloy
Impedance: 4~8Ω
Interface type: RCA interface
Color classification: DX 7806 M2 DX 71006 DX 71206
Weight (Kg): 86KG
Speaker structure: Hifi pair box
Speaker type: front
Power: 1000W


Additional information

Weight92.000 lbs
Dimensions40 × 40 × 110 in

DX 71006 10 inch, DX 71206 12 inch, DX 7806 8 inch


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