EINSKEY Sun Hat for Men/Women, Waterproof Wide Brim Bucket Hat UV Protection Boonie Hat for Fishing Hiking Garden Beach

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9 reviews for EINSKEY Sun Hat for Men/Women, Waterproof Wide Brim Bucket Hat UV Protection Boonie Hat for Fishing Hiking Garden Beach

  1. Joe Fud

    Very pleased with this hat,
    It’s well made with tough material, Has adjustable chin & head cords, can easily be folded flat into a rucksack ,the brim of the hat can be worn down ,but also can be tilted upwards.
    Originaly purchased for protection from the Scottish Highland “midge’s” and sunshine.
    It has a moisture repellant , but I
    Re-treated with a heavy water repellant and eight hours of heavy rain in the Cairngorm mountains
    It was really good at keeping my head dry .
    Overall it’s a fantastic hat .

  2. M. Tucker

    First, it looks even better in person than in the pictures.

    This is a really, really good summer hat. I’m actually going to buy another one so I have one for days out and one for gardening. The brim is the perfect size in that it’s just large enough to protect your neck and face from the sun, but not so large as to look ridiculous. It feels secure when on even in a stiff breeze and has to be the most breathable hat I’ve ever worn in my life. I still wore sun cream on my scalp as I wasn’t prepared to risk its claims about UV protection so I can’t comment on that, but with that said I can’t sing its praises highly enough.

  3. Lance B. Nelms

    Love this hat! I bought this to mow in, as I have a side mowing business. I generally have to order my hats as most are not made large enough. I went to Academy Sports to try and find one, and none of their boonie style hats even came close to fitting me. This fits my giant head, is comfortable, has a really wide brim for sun protection, and folds in half without deforming it permanently so it can store in my coat closet or wherever. This thing is great!

  4. Joe

    I use this in Texas direct sunlight while working in the yard. I have short hair (shaved to skin at times) but am a big guy. Perhaps I radiate like a molten golem, but the vents on the side are no match for my body heat retention. I end up putting a small wet cloth under the hat and that helps a lot. If not, I can actually get more hot than without the hat, which is why I put it at 4 stars. It is marketed to have those vents to keep cool, and if it does the opposite at times I can’t give it full 5 stars. Other than that, though, it was a great find at the price.

  5. pdlmh

    I have a need to protect my newly-bald head and neck from the sun (I have leukemia and lost my full head of hair, plus the chemo drugs make my skin super-sensitive to sun ray damage). I got this hat for that reason. I was afraid that, being polyester, the hat would be very hot to wear in high 80’s and 90’s degrees, but it is not. The vented sides, I guess, keep air circulating to keep the head cooler than I expected.
    I am very pleased with the hat itself — when I walk outside in the sunshine, the brim is large enough to cover the back of my neck when walking away from the sun, and is also large enough to protect my head and face when walking into the sunshine.
    Plus, the hat FITS very nicely. I haven’t had to adjust the size – I put it on, and it self-adjusted to my head to fit snugly.
    One other thing, the chin strap will be useful in the windy conditions that hit the Midwest at times, but when not needed, I can just tuck it up inside the hat when putting the hat on, and it stays there.
    It’s kind of stylish, too — I think I look good in it!

  6. Joe

    Long Story Short – Big Head? Me too FITS GREAT
    Sweat buckets on the forehead? Me too Sweatband works amazingly
    Works as advertised

    Long Story :
    I would love for you to ignore the fact that the only picture I have is an embarrasing one where I am playing a gellyball game in an awkward position. But that only helps to understand the effectiveness of this hat.
    For the past 7 years I have never done any outside activities nor stay in the sun for fun, however I had the most brilliant idea of opening up a sporting business for outdoors (genius I know)!
    I had just started a new outdoor business and all day it was 106 F/41.2 C… All I had was a regular hat, cotton T-shirt and denim jeans, being out in the sun for 8 hours nearly killed me. Seriously I almost passed out and needed to call in help. After realizing what I did like an idiot (not preparing for the sun and this huge heat wave) I started searching for proper outdoor gear. I ended up purchasing the EINSKEY Sun Hat, MAN WHAT A DIFFERENCE (I also had other UV 50+ rated items). The next time I opened up and was outside it was 111 F/43.4 C, but this hat in conjunction with 2 other items (shirt and sun mask tube) I was flying, even played a few games at a local stand. Usually I sweat buckets, but the sweatband in the hat worked like a charm and I never had to wipe my forehead or dump water on my head to stay cool. I’m glad I decided to buy this along witht he 12k other reviews.

  7. drummerkid

    I’m truthfully not a hat person (or don’t feel like one anyway) but I also love being outside – so this means being rained on sometimes. I bought this hat to provide myself with protection from rain and having my hair get totally wet and ruined while being out in the rain or mist. This hat works WONDERS! The large brim really shields my hair and face from the elements so I don’t have to worry about it, and the venting helps to keep my head cool. I was additionally so happy and pleasantly surprised to actually receive compliments on how “cute” this hat looked on given that I don’t feel like a hat person and wore it out of necessity. That was a nice bonus. I’m so glad that I have this for unpredictable weather because it is also so easy to either pack or wear around your neck until it is needed. I’m so glad that I made this purchase.

  8. Mike Nelson

    After many years of faithful use I lost my old hat and thus time for a new one.

    However, out on the first sunny day my head felt really hot just about as bad as not having one on and this one must have been designed by someone with a full head of hair.

    The area over your head is mesh and is transparent enough to see where you are going and thus offers absolutely no UV or any other kind of protection to the top of your head.

    Not a problem I guess if you have a full head of hair in which case the wide brim will protect your face and with the cord under your chin it will not blow away.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Bought because I needed better coverage on the side of my face and back of my neck. I’ve used it a handful of times now and currently love it. It’s big enough to fit my huge head, but also had a toggle for snugger fit around the brim as well as under the chin.

    I sweat a lot, and while the hat hasn’t really helped with that, it definitely didn’t hurt. I still feel like I get good ventilation up top (no swampy or hot head). I also don’t get as much forehead irritation with the included sweat band as I do with a regular cotton baseball cap, so that a bonus.

    It’s packable, lightweight, and seems quite sturdy. I might update in a few months if it gets bleached out, doesn’t wash well, or develops holes, but so far, so good! Bought on “sale”, so I consider it to be a good value.

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