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S TENS unit electrode pad: 5*5cm

L TENS unit electrode pad: 10*5cm

Universal Compatibility with Pigtail Pin

Hmeily ‘s premium quality TENS/EMS unit electrode pads are widely compatible

with various tens units across the brands. TENS Unit electrode pads like Hmeily

universal replacement electrodes, perfect for all EMS, TENS & IF units using

pigtail pin type Connectors.

Safe and effective

These electrode pads provide adequate charge delivery not just with efficacy but

also with safety, preventing the incidence of burns, shock and other injuries.

The right amount of charge delivery makes the therapy more effective and achieves

the results in lesser time and brings relief to the user almost instantly.

Whole Body Treatment

These high quality TENS electrode pads which make them appropriate to use at almost

any body part to deliver the desired therapy. You can apply these on your neck, shoulder,

back, thighs, knees or legs and feel the soothing effect of therapy almost instantly.

Non-Allergic & Pre-Gelled

These latex free electrode pads have got non irritating gel and is safer on skin preventing

the incidence of allergy and skin reaction as compared to other pads. The ‘Gentle on skin

property makes the pads popular amongst those with sensitive skin.

Soft like silk

These ultra high quality electrode pads are soft on skin and quite comfortable to use.

The white cloth backing the electrodes not just improve the comfort but also adds to

the longevity of the product and help them remain comfortable to apply even after multiple use



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S-10pcs, L-10pcs, S-20pcs, L-20pcs, S-50pcs, L-50pcs

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