GearTOP Wide Brim Sun Hat for Men and Women – Mens Bucket Hats with UV Protection for Hiking – Beach Hats for Women UPF 50+

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9 reviews for GearTOP Wide Brim Sun Hat for Men and Women – Mens Bucket Hats with UV Protection for Hiking – Beach Hats for Women UPF 50+

  1. Richie

    I recently had a skin checkup with my dermatologist. She emphasized that baseball caps that I usually wear doing yardwork is not enough to protect your ears…specifically the top of them. My derm specifically mentioned wide brimmed hats. I had seen such hats at big discount box stores but never bought one. This time I did and I DO love it. It is very comfortable. No problem power washing our long driveway but when mowing I had some trouble with it blowing off. I just tightened the stop(pulled up on it) on the cord and it worked perfectly. I purchased a light color to deflect sun rays to make hat as comfortable as possible. For not being used to wearing such an outdoor hat I love it. Wife told me to buy another one. One to store in shed and the other to have in garage for convenience.

  2. Cup o’ Jojo

    I like the hat’s quality, material looks good, great for trips, packs good, zipper on top of hat is a plus, love that I can tie it down so it will not blow away. However, the decorative stitching around the rim has a gap. Thread is missing and if you use this hat too many time, in the water, etc… would it come apart?

  3. Bruce Simmons (Brusimm)

    I bought this hat, as one of many, testing them against the elements of where I live… that basically being in a 24/7 wind tunnel in the high desert of Southern California.

    Any hat will protect against the sun but not many last the angry elements of 10, 20 and 30mph winds. But this hat, THIS HAT holds up to constant winds. When you use the chin strap, will not go anywhere and hold it’s shape quite well. That is something I have not noticed in many other hats I’ve tried. They usually fold up in the wind and become useless as a sun block.

    Plus the mesh helps keep it cooler than most hats.


    So those hat models just don’t sweat… at all!!!

    I tend to sweat a bit while working on the ranch and on the first day I wore it, I left sweat stains on the inside of the brim. Since then, the sweat stains have spread all over the hat, down th brim and up the skull cover.

    But I don’t care… it fits wonderfully and holds its shape. I tend to wear it around the ranch so I don’t care what it looks like… it’s practical and that makes it perfect.

    NO, I haven’t tried washing it yet… Not sure it would help since I wear it every day, it would only restain.

  4. Barbara J. Fuller

    Both my husband and I got this hat for a June trip to Disney World. I don’t think I would have survived without it. I didn’t need to switch from regular to sun glasses because the brim protected my eyes.The neck strap kept the hat from falling off during a ride and I could just have it hanging down on my back when I didn’t need shade. The best purchase I could have made for the parks.

  5. Michy

    This hat is cute, comfortable and functional. Packs so easy. I want sun protection on a hike and this did the trick. I could see where it could get a little warm but its a hat so I think that issue is tough to avoid. I will keep this and pack whenever I head to mountains on lake or hike. Affordable/cute sun protection.

  6. TK

    I honestly just bought this for a day at our local water park. It was hilarious to notice half of the other dads wearing the same kind of hat. I liked it so much I’ve worn it all summer (mowing, vacation, kids camp, ect.)
    – good price
    – no more putting sunblock on my neck with this bad boy!
    – You forgot it’s on your head.
    – Very cool and breathable
    – Durable in or out of water
    – stays in head well
    – dries out fast
    – a little tight first use but gets looser after a bit of use
    – you hear your talking a lot louder (like surround sound) Not really a big con but took me a bit to get used to.

  7. Anna MDG

    For the quality of it, I think it’s over priced.
    Not sure why it has so many rave reviews. It doesn’t seem like anything special to me. I got the colour “Khaki”.
    Kinda cheap feeling. For $26 plus tax, I expected more I guess…maybe I’m just too cheap though.
    The material is super light weight, which I’m sure will be nice when it’s hot out..but it’s very flimsy, the part your head goes in is very thin, doesn’t hold its shape, flimsy. The size is pretty large for a women’s head. It’s too big on me. The elastic thing at the back to “tighten it up” so it fits better is useless, doesn’t help or really do anything at all. The straps for the chin part are super cheap feeling, feels like one tight pull and they will rip right out. I’m on the fence about this hat. I paid $30 for it with tax and it just seems like something I could have gotten at the Dollarstore for $4. I dont know the process of returning, so I guess I’m stuck with it. The pictures they post make it look nicer than it is. The material is flimsy and cheap feeling. Depending on what your looking for and you’re budget, I’d look elsewhere I think and skip on this. Unless you think $26 us tax is a good deal for this. I can’t be the judge of that…

  8. Catherine T.

    It fits well and has little holes to help keep your head cool. By far, its the most comfortable hat i have when working outside and it keeps the sun out of my face.

  9. Jake

    I took this hat to Lake Powell for a week when it was 95+ degrees every day and wow this hat made a huge difference! Kept the sun from burning me yet the vent on the top made it nice and breathable! Also loved how it’s a cloth material so it makes it super easy to store rather than the straw hats are much more stiff and would be worried to “break” a straw hat

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