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Material: Wood+ABS
Main color: wood color
Body size: 34.5*22*7cm
Football diameter: 2cm
Suitable for 3 years old and above
Warning: choking hazard (small parts are not suitable for children under 3 years old).

Packing list:
1* set of mini football field
2* scoreboard set
4* joysticks (3 players on each stick)
4* grained handles
2* footballs
1* Installation instruction manual
1* installation package

1.Design: The material is solid and durable without mold. Handle bump texture design. The control rod is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to break and bend.
2.Puzzle game, test participants’ reaction speed and hand-brain coordination ability.
3.Perfect gift idea. Guarantee fun and laughter for all ages!
4.Small size, compact size, easy to carry and store, can be played anywhere, light weight and easy to move.
5.Can be assembled by yourself, exercise your hands-on ability, solid wood can be used for a long time, not easy to be damaged, billiard table wood grain finish.

Rules of table football game:
1.There are three game modes: two-player versus two-player, one-player versus two-player, and two-player versus two players.
2.Both players control the players through the joystick, push, pull, rotate or make various skills to attack and defend directly or indirectly
3.The first kick-off is thrown in by either side in the midfield, and after the goal is scored, the second kick-off is made by the loser in the midfield.
4.If the football stops in the field or jumps out of the table, the kicker will kick off again or place the football close to a corner to make the football roll naturally. This is a side kick or corner kick.
5.There are three sets in each game, with ten goals in each set. The side with the first ten goals wins one set, and the side that wins the first two sets wins one set, or the one with the most goals wins according to a certain period of time.
Table football gameplay:
1.Passing and controlling the ball: The player controls the player through the joystick, and can pass the ball at different angles from front, back, left and right. When the football passes through the two sides of the field or the player’s foot, the player can press the ball to pass the ball again. Players block the ball, using the above methods can organize an effective attack or defense.
2.Back row attack: When the player controls the ball with a player in the backcourt, move the center forward and forward players to the top and bottom positions, and then manipulate the back player to shoot directly.
3.Penalty kick: place the football at the forward of the offensive side, and the penalty side can only be used for defense, not the back player.
4.Shooting: During the game, when the opponent is in control of the ball, you can try a variety of ways and angles to shoot.


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