MOERDENG Men’s Waterproof Ski Jacket Warm Winter Snow Coat Mountain Windbreaker Hooded Raincoat

(9 customer reviews)


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9 reviews for MOERDENG Men’s Waterproof Ski Jacket Warm Winter Snow Coat Mountain Windbreaker Hooded Raincoat

  1. Ed Akins

    Will use it on trip to Newfindland

  2. Lawrence Tvorak

    I bought this as a gift for my cousin. He picked up a construction job in PA during the coldest part of Winter. This coat served him well throughout the season and is durable enough for use next year as well.

  3. Owen

    This was bought for my son’s skiing trip and the side pocket zip broke on day 2. I am now struggling to find out how I can return this as it was bought more than 30 days ago, but believe I should be able to return for a full refund. Anyone know who to contact?

  4. Modern Fossil

    This a very good looking parka-style coat that actually looks quite a bit better than it does in the picture. It was a gift for my son and he reports it to be plenty warm, though we live in the Southeastern US and rarely see temperatures under 20 degrees. The fabric is good and thick and appears that it will be quite durable. I wouldn’t have any problem using this as a work coat and he sometimes does, but has decided that he likes the look of it too much to let it get that dirty.

    So he generally wears XL shirts and sweaters, but likes to wear an extra size up with a winter coat, just to allow for some much needed maneuverability when he works outside. Well, he has found the fit of this coat to accommodate that at a 2XL size, while making the comment that it is extra roomy in the arm pits compared to other coats he has had, allowing him to work easily on things over his head. So I’d say these coats will pretty much fit as advertised.

    But, the best thing is the price. Really. It’s sown very well, is sufficiently moisture repellent, and looks extraordinary. You just can’t find this kind of quality in a winter parka for this price elsewhere. Of course if you need a name brand mystique…? Then pop the bucks for one of those.

    Now, if you live someplace where subzero temperatures are just called “winter”, like I grew up in, know that this is not a 30 below or lower rated parka. I really can’t say how it will do in extreme cold. But then you real winter folks know, you’re gonna need to open up your wallet for a subzero rated parka if you are going to have to be spending extended periods outside in extreme wind chills. I do believe this one will handle the snow melting off without the fabric getting soggy on you though. My son’s had it out in the rain a few times now and it beads up and runs off quite nicely.

    So, we’ll see how durable it is. I’m optimistic in that respect and I really do think this is a great all around coat, both for work and just to be fashionable, especially at this price.

  5. Jack Zavada

    Here are some details on this jacket’s features, in order of importance.

    FIT: I am 5’7″, 143 lbs and usually order a men’s “small.” That’s what I ordered and it fit me perfectly. It’s roomy enough to layer a sweatshirt or heavy sweater underneath. My arms have a good range of motion in this jacket; it’s not tight anywhere. It’s longer than a bomber but not as long as a parka.

    WARMTH: This is an extremely warm, comfortable jacket. The pile (faux fur) lining is very effective. I’ve worn it in 25 degree weather so far, with a sweatshirt underneath and felt very snug. It has a zip-through collar that hugs your throat, keeping it protected.

    WATERPROOF: On two days when I walked my dog, it started raining. This jacket sheds water remarkably well. The rain just beaded up on the shell and ran off. I was very pleased with the rain protection quality.

    WINDPROOF: The polyester fabric does an excellent job of blocking the wind. On cold, windy days, the wind chill didn’t affect me at all.

    HOOD: A warm hood is a MUST here in the Midwest. This one features the same, ultra-warm pile lining as the jacket. We like to wear a stocking cap under the hood for complete warmth. This hood is plenty roomy for my thickest stocking cap. It has a hook-and-loop fastener 3/4″ wide by 2″ long. I don’t know how this will hold up over time. It may be a bit skimpy. The hood has push-button toggles to tighten the string and hold it in place, much preferable to trying to tie a drawstring in cold weather. The hood zips off, if you want to remove it.

    POCKETS: The two outside, bottom pockets have zippers. I don’t know if that’s necessary, but some folks may like them. I wear thick, insulated gloves and they easily fit in these deep pockets. The outside, left breast pocket measures 3.5″ wide by 7″ deep and is zippered. The inside pocket is 5.5″ wide by 7″ deep and zippered.

    CUFF CLOSURES: Each cuff has an exterior hook-and-loop closure to tighten the end of the sleeve. I haven’t adjusted these because there’s also some elastic inside the cuffs that keeps them tight around your wrist so wind doesn’t blow in.

    DETAILS: On the outer right breast of the jacket is embroidered lettering that says: “V.A. TOR 189 UNCO & BOROR” with an embroidered logo. I have no idea what any of that means, but frankly, I don’t care. This jacket is so warm and comfortable that I’m willing to overlook this mystery.

    OVERALL IMPRESSION: A completely superior product that far exceeded my expectations. If the nylon zipper holds up (and I have no reason to believe it won’t; it works smoothly), I expect many years of good service from this jacket. Well, well worth the money.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Wore them to Alaska and we stayed warm and dry. Even went horse back riding in the rain no issues. Def worth the money.

  7. Richard Krueger

    I ordered this coat in anticipation of winter. It’s a bit to warm outside right now to give the coat a real test. And, living in Alaska. Will put the coat to a real test. I do a lot of hiking in the mountains around Anchorage. And, I do a lot of ice fishing. So far, from what I have worn the coat for. It really seems to be a quality coat. It is rain proof. This August has been the wettest we have seen in many years. And, it is wind resistant. We get some crazy winds coming out of the mountains. I’ll update later this winter on it’s ability to insulate the body at negative temps. But, I have a feeling it will handle some wicked cold temps.

  8. Chepito

    I’m 5’11, 180 lbs and bought a large, which is slightly too big but the medium would probably be too small. I bought it for use on my motorbike in cold wet weather and so far so good. Very warm and waterproof which is what I was looking for, some reviews comment on quality of zips etc but I’ve had no issues so far, if I do I’ll update this review. Very happy with this purchase.

  9. Philis Heldstab

    The item can be washed in cold water and air dried. I consider this a plus.

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