Mokeru 1pc 30ml Natural organic castor oil tonic essence hair loss products growth oil for hair growth treatment


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Mokeru 1pc 30ml Natural organic castor oil tonic essence hair loss products growth oil for hair growth treatment


Aloe Vera Hydrosol,Birch Essential Oil,Chamomile Essential Oil,Plantain Extract,Chia Seed Oil,Jojoba Protein,Saw Paimetto Extract,Horsetall Extract,Nettle Root Extract,Gotu Kola Extract,Castor Seed Oil,Natural cleansers,Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil,Orange Blossom Essential Oil,Polygonum multiflorum,Rosemary Essential Oil,Lavender Essential Oil,Coconut Oil,Panthenol Vitamin B5,Cucumber Seed Extract,caffeine,Fo-ti Root Extract,Vegetable Glycerin,BorageSeed Oil,Caprylyl Glycol,Guar Gum,Cellulose,White Willow Bark Extract,Zinc Oxide,Arnica Extract Oil,Rice Protein,Natural Vitamin E.


1. 30 days to repair scalp hair follicles, stimulates hair follicle germinal functional recovery.
2. Class mucin and bone glue quality.
3. Added to survive E, aging resistance hair, promote hair mother cell division, make your hair grow.
4. The supplement iron and iodine needed for hair growth.

1. Two times a day, morning and evening (Please cleaning the lossing hair or bald spot before using).

2. Using 30ml spray bottle spray the lotion evenly over the scalp.

3. Massage for 5 minutes, nourish your scalp, grow your hair, and wait for the best results.

4. using it and use the herbs as a daily conditioner Shampoo.


1. This product belongs to the topical products, please do not oral.
2. Please wash with water after entering the eyes.
3. During the use of this product, please keep a healthy life, please do not smoke, drink, stay up late, excitant food, etc.
4. the use of this product, please use the natural plant type shampoo hair care products, such as do not give or have a permanent wave, catch hair.
5. the use of this product avoid high sugar and high fat food, because such food contains contains acid components, not conducive to the growth of hair.
6. the use of powerful chemical shampoo or other hair care products in the use of this product.


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