Mokeru 1pc Chemical free Salon Purple Hair Color Dye Cream Professional Hair Color natural hair dye permanent paint for hair


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Note: C-18  this color  is out of stock , please do not choose this color , thanks !
No ammonia, smooth hair, environmental, heathy products ,organic hair dye
1.unique permanent long lasting hair color
2.Contains stable ingredient, lock color factors in inner layer of hair, the color is natural and can help dye hair accurately.
3.It contains multiply natural herbal essence, which can greatly reduce damage of hair, effectively protect your hair, non allergic hair dye.
4. It contains many kinds of compound molecules of hair tonic, which can penetrate into inner layer of hair, provide double care for your hair so that your hair will be shiny and gentle.
Note:All the orders will be sent out as your choosing the same as picture's color,
please don't worry about the system's remind of the color name, when checking out the order.Thanks!!
1.It is low the smell of ammonia. It has the fragrant smell after mixing with peroxide.
2.It is more shiny than the traditional hair color. The hair will be very soft even without the hair conditioner.
3.It is great for covering. No matter the hair appears grey or white, it can cover one step. No need to operate for several steps.
4.It is easy to operate. No matter the original hair got how many colors. You can apply one time and one step. The color for the hair will look the same.
5.Give hair a more natural,rovide a long-lasting and shining colored effect.color cream with superb coverage for gray hair: 100% from root to tip.
Begin by mixing the organic color with the organic peroxide(This should buy by yourseld, we don't provide). Apply to hair and wait 15 minutes before you massage and rinse.Wash with a pure Collagen intensive repair Shampoo Rinse and Apply Hair Conditioner,massage for 2 minutes and rinse again.
*Excellent Conditioner for the hair
*It makes your hair strong,voluminour and shiny
*Rich in fatty acids and proteins
Safety Instruction
*Keep away from children.
*The hair strand rolled tightently when Rolling, no loosen
*Control the intenerating time of perm,v aries from the different hair type, checked by professional salon, or it's seriously damaged and hair-lossing
* Please flush the eyes with a lot of water if case of eye contact.
*Avoid to contact the eyes, please flush the eyes immediately with a lot of water in case of eye contact
*Keep the No Ammonia White Hair Color Dye Permanent Hair Dye For Women product far away from children
* Avoid intensive sunlight, store under dry and shade environment.
Note: Professional Advice
Except the red series color
When you received the order,if you open it ,and not the same color as the picture,
Because  the picture's color is the same as the after using hair color ,NOT the inner cream's color,
That is very important!! Please don't confused about it.Thank you very much!

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