NICOLE DIARY 10g Nude Series Powder Set French Dipping Nail Glitter Without Lamp Cure Dip Nail Powder Art Design


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NICOLE DIARY is a theme-based nail art brand founded in 2011 by "NICOLE", she believes that"Nail arts is one of the ways people can feel creative and artsy, as nail arts supposed to be."

"No where you are,no when it is,everywhere it happens, Cause your dream is fancy ! " NICOLE DIARY is committed to create passionate and personalized Stamping Series for customers, so that every nail experience is unique.

Type:Dipping Nail Powder
Color Chart:10 Colors for Choose
Quantity:1 Box
Capacity: 10g
Effect: Color

1 Box 10g NICOLE DIARY Color Dipping Nail Powder

1. The Dipping Nail Powder is easy to do it with a french and gradient effect.
2. The advantages are simple and quick to apply, more durable than nail polish, and the disadvantage is that it is not easy to remove(in the same way as the nail gel)
3.Can be used on natural nails and false nails.
4.Provide a fantastic natural look for your nails.
5.Perfect for home use or professional use.

Step 1. Prepare your nail.
Step 2. Apply one layer Bond, wait it dry.
Step 3. Apply a thin coat of dip base.
Step 4. Dip tip of the entire nail into the dish.
Step 5. Brush off excess powder.
Step 6. Apply dip ACTIVATOR,wait until dry.
Step 7. Shape nails and polish buffer nail surface.
Step 8. Apply top Top in 2-3 quick brush strokes,wait it dry.



Additional information

Weight0.030 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 in

ND-P01, ND-P02, ND-P03, ND-P04, ND-P05, ND-P06, ND-P07, ND-P08, ND-P09, ND-P10, 1, 2, bond, base, activator, top, brush saver, set 1, set 2, set 3, set 4, set 5, set 6, set 7, set 8, set 9, set 10, set 11, set 12, brush, container, ND-CM01, ND-CM02, ND-CM03, ND-CM04, ND-CM05, ND-CM06, ND-U01, ND-U02, ND-U03, ND-U04, ND-U05, ND-U06, ND-U08, ND-U09, ND-U10, ND-U11, ND-U12, ND-U13, ND-U14, ND-U15, ND-U16, ND-U17, ND-U18, ND-U19, ND-U20, ND-U21, ND-U22, ND-U23, ND-U24, ND-U25, ND-U26, ND-U27, ND-U28, ND-U29, ND-U30, ND-U32, ND-U33, ND-U34, ND-U35, ND-U36


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