Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens | Medium Point 0.7 Millimeter Marker Pens | Back to School Supplies for Teachers & Students | Assorted Colors, 24 Count

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‎Newell Rubbermaid Office


‎Paper Mate

Item Weight

‎6.4 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎0.97 x 7.25 x 8.5 inches

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



‎Tropical Vacation

Material Type


Number of Items



‎24 Count

Point Type


Line Size

‎0.7 Millimeters

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9 reviews for Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens | Medium Point 0.7 Millimeter Marker Pens | Back to School Supplies for Teachers & Students | Assorted Colors, 24 Count

  1. Christina Marie

    I’ve been using these pens for years. I use them in my Bible. They do bleed through super fine paper, but normal paper they do not. I also use them in my planner. I love the range of colors & that they come out with new sets every once & a while. They are a medium tip, which I love (& think medium tips are hard to find). I plan on buying these again & again.

  2. Momof11Gr8kids

    These are great poems. I’ve always liked this brand. I would buy them again for sure.

  3. Summar S.

    I used these products for note taking and drawing and they work perfectly. Would recommend! There is also a nice selection of colors to choose from. Absolutely love these😀

  4. Daniel J. Baxter

    Yes its true I love these! I have not only worked in a school as a teachers assistant for numerous years I am now homeschooling my 2 kids and I still love this pen, I will say I love the multi color option as using the same color every week just isn’t as fun! They write super nicely, don’t bleed threw the paper and are very fun to use! I may look into the scented ones next year.

  5. Dana1989

    I’ve always been a fan of flair pens! Back when I first started teaching schools bought them for us. Now, they expect us to buy all our supplies ourselves, expect a couple basics like paper clips and staples. For a pack of pens it seems spendy. However, I’ll keep buying them because they are just what I need.

  6. Isophormism

    I wanted to try something new and not use pens to take notes. Was pleasantly surprised that this felt like using a pen. The ink didn’t bleed through my planner or notebook. It also dries fairly quickly, so no smudging. I like that it’s lightweight and seems to have a lot of ink since I’ve already filed half a notebook with a pen and it’s still going strong. Will be purchasing again since they seem to last longer than my regular pens.

  7. Hawkmoon

    Right next to a favorite core drink and bit of chocolate, these pens make teachers happy. Colorful choices beyond red help us give constructive feedback to students. These are long lasting and a great selection.

  8. ABMA

    I’ll start with the positives (note that I’ve been using these pens somewhat regularly for over a year, closer to two now): The colours are nice and show up great on paper, even the yellow! It’s also a nice array of colours.

    The cons: What prompted me to even write this review was me just throwing out the fourth pen in the set for drying out. I’m very meticulous when it come to properly recapping pens so this wasn’t the result of my carelessness. I have a fifth pen that I can tell is nearing the end too. The other issue – and maybe this is my fault for not noticing this before purchase – but these are not close to being fine point. I wasn’t looking for super fine but it’s quite difficult to write with if that’s the aim. I find that they’re also quite .. wet and will bleed through regular paper if you aren’t careful.

    On the whole, they’re nice and it really depends on what you want them for but, if that involved writing and keeping them around long enough to feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth, I would not recommend this. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend these period.

  9. cggentry

    As an engineer, I grew quite fond of these pens over the years. I use them exclusively for redline drawings, note taking, and anything else that I would need to hand write and be able to read down the road. For some reason, these pens make my handwriting significantly neater. I mean, I actually enjoy writing with them. For years and years Paper Mate pens, with the two hearts on the cap, were my go-to pen. They were American made, never leaked, and would last for years. I still have some of my old ones, and they still work. I’m rambling, I know, but I wanted to give a little background.

    A few months ago, I went to the supply cabinet at my office to grab a couple of my trusty paper mates. I popped open the box (not a whole lot of people go for the felt tip pens, so I usually open them up) and was very very surprised by what was inside. For as long as I’ve been around, paper mate pens were glossy colored, smooth, and had half millimeter lines that ran parallel to the shaft of the pen. I used to put my thumbnail in the grooves and spin the pen to make a “ZZZZIPPP” noise. These new pens though… they were not right. They’re matte in color, the shaft is bare, with a very cheap quality screen print “Paper Mate” marking on it. I would bet my paycheck that the factory in Mexico where these pens now come from, make pens for 100 different companies. I’m sure they’re all the same pen, with the only difference being the screenprinted name on each pen. My old paper mates had a white tip guard, with just the colored tip sticking out about a millimeter. These pens now have a clear tip guard and the tip sticks out about twice as far. I know, big deal right? Well, yes, it is a big deal. Now, if you press too hard, the tip will deform, and the pen will be useless.

    So, having discovered these new style paper mate pens, I had to know if they were all this poorer quality. I came to Amazon and ordered 2 boxes of black, 2 boxes of green, and 2 of these multi-color packs. Yes, every single one of them was this cheap knock-off pen. I did a side by side comparison with my old green pen and a new one. The new ink is significantly lighter. All of the colors seem to get much lighter after the ink dries. The caps are much lower quality, as would be expected.

    The pens themselves are not terrible, but compared to the old Flairs, they are complete garbage. It’s unfortunate that companies are still sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction, all in the name of our hyper-inflated dollar.

    In the face of the United State’s current economic crisis, and the obvious need for American manufacturing, it is shameful of Paper mate’s parent company to kill even more jobs and pass this low quality product off on the consumers. With the economy the way it is, consumers now want more bang for their buck. NewellRubbermaid is the company that now owns Paper Mate, so it is no surprise that they would move manufacturing to foreign soil. They have ruined the name of a fantastic American company by sacrificing quality and integrity for an easy buck, the same as they did with the original Rubbermaid containers.

    I apologize for the long winded review, but here’s what I think in a nutshell. These pens are okay for what they are. They should NOT be called paper mate flairs. If these pens were XYZ Corporation Felt Tip Pens, they would be a fantastic product. At over $1 per pen though, these are absolutely NOT worth it. You pay a premium for Paper Mate pens, because they WERE premium pens. NewellRubbermaid thinks they can fool us and charge more for cheap, low quality knock-off products. Show them we are smarter than that. Avoid these if you can, if not for quality, then for principal.

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