Permanent Hair Dye Professional Plant Extract Hair Dyeing Cream Barber Shop Hair Coloring Cream (100ml+120ml) Hair Coloring


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1. Pure plant extract, mild and non-irritating, has no harm to hair.
2. Suitable for all hair types, can be applied on both straight hair and curly hair.
3. Contains serine serum, repair protein, can repair and care for hair.
4. Equipped with developer cream for better hair dyeing effect, practical for use.
5. Multiple colors of hair dye are optional, you can choose according to need.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Hair Dye
Optional Color: Coffee, Chestnut, Golden Red
Net Content: Developer Cream: 120ml, Hair Dye: 100ml

How to Use: No need to shampoo before dyeing hair, squeeze out the same amount of dye cream and developer cream into the color mixing bowl, mix the cream well, apply it to the hair, and then comb the product evenly with a wide tooth comb hair roots and tails, until evenly distributed on the hair, stay for about 30 minutes, rough and hard hair can be extended for an appropriate time, and finally rinse with warm water.

How to Perform Skin Allergy Test: Take off the earrings, use a cotton swab, cover the ear with a small amount but enough to cover 1-2 square centimeters [such as coin size area] debugging hair dye product, wait for the hair dye to dry, reapply once. Carefully seals the hair dye container and leave it for 48 hours. Do not wash, cover or touch during this period. If you or guests find any abnormal reactions during this period, such as itching, redness or swelling of the skin in or around the test area, do not use this product.

Package List:

1 x Hair Dye
1 x Developer Cream

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Chestnut, Golden Red, Coffee