PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box – Never Scoop Again – Hands-Free Cleanup with Disposable Crystal Trays – Less Tracking, Better Odor…

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You Get $ Money For Referral : Refer your friends and you’ll earn commission on their purchases . Thank You !

  • AUTOMATICALLY REMOVES WASTE: No scooping, cleaning or refilling your cat’s litter box for weeks
  • UNBEATABLE ODOR CONTROL: Crystal litter removes smell by absorbing urine and dehydrating solid waste; includes one disposable ScoopFree litter tray with crystal litter
  • NO MORE MESSY FLOORS: Low-tracking crystals are 99% dust free and don’t stick to your cat’s paws
  • LEAK PROTECTION: Disposable trays have a plastic lining to help protect against leaking and keep your floors clean
  • EASY CLEANUP: Simply remove the tray and throw it away; each tray includes a lid for quick disposal
  • MONITOR YOUR CAT’S HEALTH: The health counter and motion sensors keep track of how many times your furry feline uses the box
  • FOR USE WITH CRYSTAL LITTER ONLY: This automatic litter box only works with crystal litter and won’t work with clay or clumping cat litter

You Get $ Money For Referral : Refer your friends and you’ll earn commission on their purchases . Thank You !

Additional information

Product Dimensions

16 Pounds, 20.38 x 7.13 x 28 inches

Item model number

2nd Generation

Date First Available

September 9, 2019


Radio Systems Corporation

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7 reviews for PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box – Never Scoop Again – Hands-Free Cleanup with Disposable Crystal Trays – Less Tracking, Better Odor…

  1. Lorraine Boone

    I have a cat who doesn’t get along well with the others so he is isolated in a different room with his own litter box.
    Often I would walk into the room and the smell from the litter box would be overwhelming.
    I’ve had this one for about 6 weeks now and the only time the smell started to bother us was when it was time for us to change the crystal for new ones (which was exactly 30 days after I installed it)
    I admit that at first, I had to train my cat to the crystals instead of the clumping litter. It took about 10 days to transition him from 25% crystals to 50% and eventually 100%
    Overall, I think I spend the same amount for the tray refills as I did before with the clumping litter but at least now I don’t have to deal with the smell or the trouble of cleaning it or having litter all over the floor.
    On the plus side I get to laugh at my cat each time the machine cleans itself because each and every time, he runs and sit in front of the litter box and watches as the rake cleans out after him LOL.
    If you have a single cat and you don’t wish to cleanup after it anymore, I strongly suggest getting this.

  2. Rayanatalie

    This litter-box made my life easier. I have 2 kittens that require me to clean a regular litter box at least twice a day. It could be hard when I’m working or spending a night out. With this litter box, I can easily spend as far as 3 nights away without being worried about the mess they made. However,
    1. I still have to scoop at least twice a week. Some waste gets stuck to the edges. Also the area where the waste goes cannot be cleaned without scooping (or you have to wear gloves and use your hands which is much more disgusting).
    2. It is NOT odour free! Tip; before filling up the container with crystals, try to put some odour free litter in the waste area and the box itself as a first layer, and then cover it with crystals. It will help keeping the litter box fresh and clean for longer time. I personally use Arm & Hammer as a base. (Also, you don’t really need too much crystals, save yourself some money and pore only half of the amount every time. (Less mess and much more saving)
    3. Based on reviews, I noticed that some people complain about leaking. Adding some regular litter as a mentioned above will fox the problem.
    4. The crystals do not stuck to cat paws which is great!
    5. Try to scoop the litter every week to make sure nothing is stuck to the container.
    6. Before purchasing from amazon, try the Pet Safe store because it’s around 50$ cheaper. Hence why I gave only 3 stars.
    Overall, I’m happy with the product! My kittens are too!

  3. Mikedepo

    Edit: I had this litter since last year, it works, but the trays went from less than $60 for a pack of 3 to $84 ! No joke, it’s getting too expensive.

    I’m not sure I like that pee stay right there where the cat stands, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. It’s not smell free, I ended up installing a trap in the garage door and put it in the garage. Now there is no smell in the house and it’s very low maintenance compared to a traditional litter. I notice my cat pee so many times a day 3-5, the tray won’t last more than 2 to 3 weeks. I am fine with that because I don’t have to think about it for those 2 to 3 weeks. Sometimes you gotta clean a poo that sticked to the scraper.

  4. AngelGuil

    Comme les avis étaient mitigés, je me suis lancée et je ne suis pas du tout satisfaite.

    Tout d’abord, les points positifs : esthétique, fonctionne bien, les toilettes du petit chat sont nettoyées plusieurs fois par jour, changement de litière super facile et plus de lavage du bac.

    Ensuite, les (trop) nombreux points négatifs : le râteau semble un peu fragile, les urines ne sont pas vraiment déblayées, on doit ramasser les crottes au minimum une fois par semaine, les odeurs commencent à se faire sentir à peine une semaine après le changement de litière et deviennent insupportables dès la deuxième semaine d’utilisation, les cristaux collent bel et bien aux pattes et se retrouvent absolument partout dans la maison car le tapis qui retient les grains de litière conventionnelle n’est pas efficace avec les cristaux.

    Comme je pouvais me sauver du nettoyage bien dégoûtant, je me suis fait une raison en acceptant de plus que doubler mon budget litière. Mais quand j’ai constaté qu’il faudrait changer le bac à litière chaque semaine pour éviter les odeurs alors que je n’ai qu’un seul chat, je me suis interrogée et les nombreux inconvénients ont pesé plus lourd que les quelques avantages.

    C’est un produit qui nécessitera pas mal d’améliorations et qui, selon moi, n’est pas au point. Je ne recommande absolument pas, à moins que vous ne soyez prêt à tripler/quadrupler votre budget litière et à devoir quand même manipuler les excréments de votre chat chaque semaine…

  5. balam

    No recomiendo para NADA este producto. Primero que nada, no recoge los deshechos. Compré la arena de la misma marca y tampoco la recomiendo porque no absorbe los olores. Seré muy explícita para que otras personas se ahorren la compra.

    Cuando hace pipí, se absorbe en las bolitas, pero no se hace una bola como otras arenas, entonces el peine que se supone que arrastra los deshechos para llevarlos bajo la pestaña donde se acumulan no las agarra y se quedan ahí poco a poco oliendo cada vez más.

    Cuando hace popo, la arena para nada se agrupa alrededor y el olor es espantoso. El peine no empieza a trabajar desde atrás de la charola, entonces quedan ahí pedazos embarrados, y peor aún, cuando sí las arrastra, la mayoría de las veces se queda atorado en el peine y no se guardan, entonces es horrible no sólo que no se esconda, sino que luego hay que limpiar todo el peine mal embarrado y sin endurecer.

    Me regresé a una arena sencilla (incluso ecológica que despúes puedes echar al jardín como abono), y a recojer manualmente con una palita cada 2 días.

    Lo probé dos meses con resultados nada satisfactorios.

  6. Reinbeauchaser

    I already had a PetSafe ScoopFree auto-cleaning litter box that did very well. I purchased two more after we came into possession of 5 kittens and their mom. Three kittens and the mom tested positive for Feline Leukemia, so the mom has our old one and the kittens this new one. The other two kittens tested negative, so they also have their own designated litter box.

    Firstly, it’s easy enough to set up and prepare. The bag of litter opens easily at the top.

    It records adequately how many times a cat has visited the litter box.

    As for overall performance, the rake does not get everything. We let the factory-set 20 minutes do its thing, but it seems it’s not long enough, because we find balls of poo adhered to the rake tangs. It’s very annoying, because it adds to the ‘bouquet of litter box’ permeating through our house.

    Also, I am sure that those who designed this decided through trial and error how much litter to use, but it seems insufficient, especially when, at the end of the first week I was finding myself replacing the disposable, one-time use box with a new one. Our last cat, whom we had to put down last year, managed to get under 3-weeks usage and she was a small, 7# cat, so one week seems hardly enough for 3 kittens. Granted, each one weighs in at 2.5 pounds, but they’re collectively equivalent to a full sized cat, so it confused me as to how it could get so dirty in so little time.

    Needless to say, for these three we will be implementing the reusable tray and separate bags of litter. What would be nice is if we could use the clumping litter, as that would take care of the urine smell from the ‘dried out’ version of ScoopFree. I did try clumping litter in the tray with our other cat and it did work, but the urine clumps would often stick to the tray and then that would cause the rake to jam. I found the unit worked too hard, so we eventually switched back to the ScoopFree crystals rather than take a chance in burning out the motor. As mentioned, that one is being used by the mom-cat. We’re keeping her separated from her kittens in the hope that those who test negative will be able to slough off the FeLV disease.

    Continuing with my review, the smell from the litter boxes is awful! We have to routinely clean out the poop reservoirs to manage the smell, but there’s not much we can do with the ‘dried out’ urine. And this is over the course of just one week! I honestly don’t understand how PetSafe’s Scoopfree litter box can be advertised as having Odor Control when the litter box is the very first thing one smells when walking into our house! Maybe kitten urine smells stronger or their poop is more robust – odiferously-speaking?

    In any event, PetSafe ScoopFree has helped in eliminating daily scooping, but it needs big improvements with raking quality (possibly have the tines closer together?) and reducing the overall smell.

    I do recommend this product but with reservations based on the above issues.

    EDIT: We just started adding baking soda to the litter. We sprinkled a good amount in the tray, first, before adding the crystals, and then sprinkled a decent amount on top of the crystals. We initiate the ‘rake’ so it blends it in. We repeat this a couple times a day. Baking soda has definitely helped!!! I’m quite impressed.

  7. Nick

    Recently Purchased

    Pet info:
    Kitten: 13 weeks old
    Rescued: 2 weeks ago (at 11 weeks)
    Other pets: 2 dogs (1 pit bull and 1 puggle)

    Dry Diet/Free to eat whenever: Nature’s Variety® Instinct® Original Kitten Food – Natural, Grain Free, Chicken
    Wet Diet/One can a day: Nulo MedalSeries All Life Stages Wet Cat Food (flavor varies)
    Note: I used a detailed Reddit post about what to feed my kitten. I used the recommendation of the shelter on how often to feed my kitten.

    Product age: 1 week
    Cover type: uncovered

    Product Review:
    Overall, the product works great. Have not had to touch the product since in use. Based on the meter, as of this morning, she has used (or has been in) it 41 times since start (kittens tend to go more often than cats). Literally no smell of urine. However, the poop smell can be a lot. Do not stop reading here, we were transitioning our kitten’s diet from the shelter food, to what is listed above and now that she’s settled, the poop smell has gone away (inviting a honest friend over to give us the home smell test).

    The product advises not to use plugged in until your cat is 6 months old. Reading into it, it seems that all automatic/self-cleaning cat litter boxes have the same advisory because of the cats weight (may not register) or because they will try to play with it while it’s doing is cleaning cycle. Despite the advisory, I’m very much into instant gratification and plugged it in immediately. Fortunately, I work from home and have time to monitor kitty’s behavior. When the machine starts running, she does run to it to watch, but she’s never tried to play with it.

    Keep in mind, we have had our kitten for 2 weeks now. She used a regular litter box for a week while with us. When I made the switch to this product, I removed the old litter box completely from the household. I did not put any of her used litter in this product. However, I did sprinkle (literally a dash of) fresh litter that was used in her old litter box to mix with the crystals for this product. The original litter that we purchased advertised kitten attraction to get them familiar where to go. I placed this product where her original litter box was. I’m not sure how people know if their cats love their litter box, but I guess if they use it that means they love it? Anyway, she began using it immediately. We have had no accidents.

    Other review concerns commentary:
    Poop sticking to the rake: had one experience with it, it was not terrible, and after it cycled a couple times it had fallen off the rake. Also, it was during good transition.
    Leaking litter tray: have not checked, a little scared to check. However, I would be surprised if it got through the tray and the lid to get to the floor. The disposable tray fits into the lid. Once it’s time dispose, you remove the lid from the tray and place it on top.
    Odor control: Literally no pee smell. Poop smell during food transition. Honest friend home smell test to come. My friend does not have a cat.
    Expensive: Yes. Expected, yes. It is not unusual when one buys things like this, they are going to have to fork out some money to maintain it. Someone buys a luxury car, they pay extra for maintenance. Faulting the product over how much it costs and how much the tray replacements is not fair in my opinion.

    Edit: Passed friend test.
    Still works great.
    Tray did not leak. I’ve replaced the tray at about 75 uses.

    Edit: 10/21/2022
    Still love this product. I’ve opted to buy the drop in top to keep the dogs away. Now that my cat is a little older, it is about a month of use before replacing.

    If people are having issues it is probably because they are not using it as intended or they feed their cats a poor diet.

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