Philips Sonicare 4100 Power Toothbrush, Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Pressure Sensor, White HX3681/23

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  • Removes up to 5x more plaque vs. a manual toothbrush*
  • Pressure sensor and two intensity settings protect sensitive gums from overbrushing
  • 2 minute SmarTimer with QuadPacer ensure Dentist-recommended brushing time
  • Brush head replacement reminder ensures your brush head is always effective
  • Long battery life with battery light indicator: One charge last for 2 weeks
  • Includes: 1 Philips Sonicare 4100 handle, 1 Optimal Plaque Control (C2) brush head, and 1 USB charger (wall adaptor not included)
  • *SRG, Test Report, CIPS918151 (2021)

You Get $ Money For Referral : Refer your friends and you’ll earn commission on their purchases . Thank You !

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2.48 x 4.29 x 8.66 inches, 8.64 Ounces

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1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)




Philips Sonicare

9 reviews for Philips Sonicare 4100 Power Toothbrush, Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Pressure Sensor, White HX3681/23

  1. Andrew Furst

    I like the toothbrush a lot, but it comes with only a USB plug. You’ll need an adapter to plug it into a wall. They also include a piece of paper saying that by not giving us a wall plug, they are saving the equivalent of putting 19 plastic bottles in the ocean (with silhouettes of 19 bottles so we’ll know what 19 looks like). They say “if you need a wall plug, contact us”.

    That’s ridiculous. I have USB slots on my computer, but that’s under my desk, not in my bathroom. I bought a two-pack USB-to-wall-plug for $9, so that raised the price (and presumably added 38 plastic bottles to the ocean). I don’t like supporting this kind of cheapness, but for the money it’s a good electric brush. Just realize that you’ll need to add an adapter to plug it into a wall outlet.

  2. DeenaKay

    I love it! I have been buying just regular manual tooth brushes and then started to buy drug store electric ones.However NOTHING would have prepared me for the clean you get with this one 😉 forget about drug store electric…no no. At first I was not used to the intense vibration on my gums. It tickled and I could barely stand it. Not a laughing sort of tickle but the sort of tickle that sort of makes ya just wanna get your hand in there and. Sort of …. I don’t know. Grab them and make sure they are still there. I joked with some friends “This thing will brush the teeth right off your gums if you’re not careful!” That said …. I am now used to it and use the heavy stronger setting because I just could never again fathom brushing my teeth without having used it. It cleans so much better… and it does not tickle or itch my gums anymore. I love it and will never again be without mine! I bought the pink on and its cool. As for the charge, I just keep it on the charging pad becauseI don’t like leaving it just laying around in the bathroom and the brush itself is slim and easy to pack aroundnd but that thinness makes it need a place to stand and on its own without the charging pad, it will just fall over. It is however as I said, tall so it will not fit standing up in a regular sized medicine cabinet. We had to make room for it on the wall shelves rather than the cabinet. It is probably about 8 to 9 inches approx when on base and standing upright. tall and thin. 😉

  3. Sharon

    I switched from a manual toothbrush to this and I felt the difference immediately after my first clean. My teeth felt so smooth, much smoother and cleaner than they had a few days before when I’d had my dental cleaning done. I have now been desensitized to how great the clean is since it’s a twice-a-day feeling now, but trust me, it’s worth it.
    The battery life is much better than advertised. I don’t like keeping things on the charger for extended periods of time, so I normally charge it once the battery is running low. I went three weeks without charging my toothbrush, using it twice a day for about 3-4 minutes each time, and although it had been alerting for a 3 or 4 days that the battery was low when I eventually charged it, I’m sure I could have gone another couple of days without charging it. Basically I charge my toothbrush no more than twice a month, but I do have to leave it charging for almost a full day before the battery is full.
    The toothbrush switches off automatically after 2 minutes and gives a beep every 30 seconds indicating that you should move on to the next “region” of your mouth. It also has two intensities. I use the lower one for my teeth and the higher one for my tongue. It will also alert you after ~3 months worth of brush time that it’s time to change the brush head (it will still work even if you don’t). I enjoy using this little thing so much I haven’t once skipped brushing my teeth for any reason since I got it.
    I also love that it comes in pink!

  4. edved

    I haven’t used the toothbrush yet, but I am sure that it probably will work as well as all the ones I have had in the past from Philips.

    I am writing about how bad these big companies have gotten with their pricing. A loaf of bread is smaller but costs more and the quality of ingredients has gone done. Chocolate bars have shrunk but the prices have inflated and they taste chemically due to all of the oil and less cocoa etc etc. You catch my drift.

    With this toothbrush, their prices have gone up, the frickin replacement heads already cost a small fortune and now you have to buy a USB wall charger block. It doesn’t come in the box. If I don’t buy one, then I have to plug it into my laptop.

    Also, if you buy the product in USA you can register and are elgible for a free replacemnt head and extended 30 day warranty but if you are in Canada than you only get an extended 30 day warranty (big whoop, give me the free replacement head instead).

  5. L11

    i really love the power of the 4100. i originally had gotten one of those 20-dollar cheapos at CVS and thought it was all the same, but i was wrong. The CVS one had a head that did really fast clockwise-counterclockwise rotations. The Sonicare 4100 does a side to side “flicking action” – think sport of Curling in the winter olympix. This movement is great for cleaning out the spaces between teeth, while the rotational motion is good for the gumline.

    the motor output is very good even at the lower setting. when i first got this tootbrush i fully charged it and that charged lasted me about 14 days before the LED started lit up as yellow.

    i never had a rechargeable toothbrush and was greatly impressed at how the charging process was designed. the battery compartment is completely sealed from water ingress and there are NO METAL CONTACTS on the outside, and NO USB of any type. The 4100 uses induction charging. The brush gives off a brief buzz when its sitting on charging pedestal correctly.

    never gonna go back to a manual unless i wanna clean the tongue.

  6. Giselle

    I had a Philips Sonicare that was around 15 years old that died. It came with a compartment to disinfect two heads so I didn’t want to replace the whole unit. I purchased this one in hopes that it was the same. It is not. This brush is so much gentler that I was concerned it wouldn’t clean my wisdom teeth. My old brush was so powerful that if you hit your teeth with the hard part of the head you’d worry you cracked a tooth! I am happy to say that despite this brush not having all the bells and whistles of my old brush it does a great job of cleaning my teeth, perhaps even better. My wisdoms never feel slightly sticky anymore like they did with my old one despite spending a long time on them. Perhaps the gentler version is better for your teeth, you don’t have to worry about chipping them like the old one!

  7. James Hultz

    There is no power adapter intentionally included with this power toothbrush. Yes thats right you cannot charge this and therefore cannot use this product without buying a power adapter. Who the hell has a usb plug in their bathroom. Honestly what a load of crap. I’m returning this paper weight and looking for another brand. unbelievable.

  8. B. Millman

    I bought this to replace a previous Sonicare (my wife and I have been using Sonicare toothbrushes since before Philips owned the brand–our original Sonicare’s had a large head, with the magnets in the head, not the brush.).
    The brush is peachy keen.
    But I want to talk about the charger and the greenwashing. Philips includes a new charger that requires a USB power supply. To save the planet, Philips does not pack the power supply, and it packs the toothbrush in a egg-carton-like cardboard. Philips reminds us that they are doing everything to save the planet.
    First of all, this toothbrush is NOT fully compatible with the older Sonicare chargers. After over 48 hours on the (older style) charger, the brush was not charged. I had to finish it on the new whoop-de-doo USB charger.
    Philips, if you want to save the planet, and not just save yourself money on not having to have different plugs for different markets, sell JUST A HANDLE, and make it compatible with the old style chargers. This way, when I want to replace a handle that has died, I can do it without replacing a charger, and really save the planet.

  9. JoPro

    Annoyed that Philips is copying Apple and only providing a USB powered charging stand – but NO ADAPTOR. This saves them money and they don’t have to provide different adaptors for different country’s plugs. They claim it’s for sustainability – but most people don’t have USB ports in their bathrooms. It makes sense for other electronics – but not something that is typically charged in a bathroom? They claim you can contact support if you need one – but this is a hassle, and when I did so – I can’t find anywhere on their site to request one other than paying for a travel charger? So I opened a support ticket.

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