Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

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9 reviews for Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

  1. Judson Chasey

    My third pair of similar style Skechers. I wear older pairs for mowing and walking, newest pair in public. Fit is perfect for my wide feet and memory foam is comfortable. Stores don’t seem to have the size & style but Amazon does at great price.

  2. Kung Fu Ken

    Very comfortable nice looking shoe and well made for the most part. I just recieved my “Buy Again” order in the color Charcoal. The only reason I reordered is because the front outside stitching on both shoes has worn through. It’s worse on the right shoe. I wear them to walk my dog and take him to the dog park. These are my all day walk-around shoes. I was able to get 6 good months from them prior to the seams opening. I’m used to going for a year or more with my sneakers/hiking/walkin around shoes. I liked these enough for my “Buy Again” order to be placed.

  3. Pappy Lump

    I am on my feet everyday and in constantly changing conditions. I have purchased many pair of Skechers and even now have a shoe for summer and a hiking style boot for the winter. I decided to try a new style that looked perfect for my job, yet, they have not stood up to the demands of my job. They are coming apart from the sole after only two months of wear. I am very disappointed with these.

  4. WeasleyIsOurKing!

    These are the only shoes I wear. Started in white when I was in my 20s, and switched to taupe about 10 years ago. The only brand that makes a comfortable shoe that is wide enough for me. I usually buy multiple pairs when the price drops to around $35-40 a couple of times a year on Amazon, and swap out every 6-9 months. I was a teacher until the pandemic started, and easily walked a thousand miles in each pair I’ve owned, never once had a problem with any of them. I can’t say enough how much I trust these shoes, and am so thankful that Skechers keeps making them.

  5. WTC

    I like these shoes. I have had five pairs of these Skechers. The last three I have purchased from Amazon and just re-order when they are time to be replaced. I walk a lot, at least 7 miles a day, and these shoes last. I replace shoes about every 8 months. Comfortable to wear, lightweight and stand up to weather. Cut wide so my wide lat feet fit in them nicely. I will be buying another pair when the time comes.

  6. rtclark

    I reorder these shoes from Amazon by just selecting “Buy Again” so I always get the same thing. I’m on my sixth pair I believe. The last pair needed to be replaced after putting over 500 walking miles on them in six months. They do tend to start falling apart where the sole is attached to the toe. If not for that I could probably get another month out of them.

  7. Ken R.

    Love the look of these shoes. This is my first shoe by Sketchers so didn’t know exactly how to judge sizing. This one runs a bit small but acceptable. (Ordered another pair of different style Sketchers at the same time on same size and these run about a half size smaller)

  8. simmaxmarc

    It’s hard to shop for shoes by reading other people’s ratings, as the fit & comfort is so subjective. What’s important to me is quality; I hate it when shoes start having the soles separate, laces fray or snap, eyelets break or rip out after 3 to 6 months. My last pair of shoes, Rockports that I got on Amazon as well, lasted a good 3 years so quality was excellent, but they pinched my big toes at the inside tips and over time were causing me bad pain. The pain went away when I wore other shoes or boots. As soon as I put on these Skechers, a brand I’d never tried before, I found there was enough room for my big toes to “breathe”, so-to-speak, and not rub at the front of the shoes. No pain whatsoever, and the size 9 fit me perfectly, as it ought to–I’m typically a very ordinary, average size 9 so I could say the fit was exactly as expected. The memory foam insoles are very comfy, never had that before either…it feels like you’re walking on little clouds or pillows. That probably sounds like a tad of hyperbole, but they really DO feel that comfortable!

    I’ve only been wearing them a few days but these Skechers have exceeded my expectations…and I can only hope the quality and durability holds up.

    EDIT Sep 16, 2020: I’ve had these shoes just past a year now and they’re holding up great. Soles are still solidly attached, no flip-flopping, laces still good and unfrayed, stitching all still looks tight. Glad I made the right choice on these shoes.

  9. tom r.

    I like the memory foam but I know it will degrade over about a 6 month period because I’ve had several pairs of these. It is very comfortable and reasonably priced but in 8 months I will have to replace them.

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