SoundArtist SC65B 6.5 Inch Coaxial Speaker Bookshelf Horn Loundspeakers Pair


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1, The design of the SoundArtist SC65B medium and low frequency diaphragm is based on

COAXIAL’s unique covering fine wool and wood pulp mixed high-temperature press-molded

woolen paper cones. While the frequency divider is more cylindrical, it can also effectively control

IF modulation distortion and further reduce The phase change caused by the frequency divider.

2, SoundArtist SC65B, using an 6.5-inch mid-woofer unit, the shape and curvature of the cone are

specially selected and

customized to properly match the horn treble.

3, The 1-inch aluminum alloy horn is used to obtain a very full and powerful sound, which can

provide a clean, natural mid and high frequency.

4, SoundArtist SC65B is suitable for playing any fast-paced music, very good at Bass, clear and accurate.


Product parameters:

Model: SC65B

Frequency response range: 35Hz-20KHZ

Sensitivity: 90db

Power: 110W

Impedance: 8 ohms

Dimensions(W*D*H): 23 * 30 * 36 cm * 2pcs (about 9.0 *11.8 * 14.2 in *2pcs)

Packing size: 70*45*53CM (about 27 * 17 * 20in)

Net weight: 8kg *2

Gross weight: 21KG (A pair)

Tube Amplifier Precautions:
1. Tube amp must connected with speakers before turning ON. Strictly prohibit send signals
to amp without connected loads(speakers) or load short circuit when the switch is ON.
2. Too high or too low power supply voltage does irreversible harm to the amp,preferably
less than 5% of the specified voltage. If your mains voltage exceeds this value, often best to
use with the AC power supply.
3. Temperature is higher when tube amps working, placing attention to ventilation, cooling.
4. In the boot or just shut down for a period of time (within 30 minutes) Do not spill liquid on the tubes.
5.  You should take about 100h time to operate the amp.RUN-IN to the amp gives it’s best and
stable during the first 100h use time the sound maybe is not the best,you can
also use your own run-in method.
6. If you donot sure how to plug the tubes, please contact us before try it
Speakers connection:
All tube amplifier used with stereo mode:  L(left) and R(right) speakers.
Normally there are 6 speaker cable connectors: +8L, +4L, -0L, -0R, +4R, +8R
Example: +8L and -0L are for connecting with your Left 6-8ohms speaker
-0R, +4R is for connecting with your Right 4ohms speaker
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About shipping :

(Due to COVID-19, other security measures are being taken around the world.

Therefore, the number of domestic and foreign flights is reduced. Unfortunately,

this leads to increased delivery time.

1. Orders above 2kg will be made by Fedex, DHL, TNT, UPS or other express.

2. Orders within 2kg will be shipped by EMS or China Post.

3. China Post Registered Small Bag “Rookie Reserve Price Adjustment Right” China Post Registered Air Mail is

expected to have the following stats:

a.) Normal situation: arrive at the destination around 16-35 days

b.) Special circumstances: 35-60 days to reach the destination, special circumstances include: holidays, policy

adjustments, remote areas, etc.

4. Usually We ship the package within 7 working days after the payment cleared.

The shipment usually takes 5-14 business days (most countreies to be bearrived usually takes 5-7 days).


a.Due to COVID-19, About half of the customs ports toRussiawere closed, the customs need to strictly check every

Truck, and customs clearance ports were closed in half;

b.Some areas were affected by heavy snow weather;

So, this leads to increased delivery time, Shipping to Russia takes longer time, it usually takes 30-45 business days.

6. Taxe & Duties: We are not responsible for any Taxe, Duties or Customs fees, These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

7. Faster payment, faster delivery.

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Speaker Bookshelf

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Weight20.700 lbs
Dimensions64 × 45 × 50 in
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China, Belgium


Barnish Black

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