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You Get $ Money For Referral : Refer your friends and you’ll earn commission on their purchases . Thank You !







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XIAOMI MIJIA MWBLXE1ACM Microwave Oven Main Features


* Rapid heating of microcrystalline plate, Classification Thawing food Flat panel heating technology, 
* MIhome Smart APP control, WIFI remotely control the microwave oven.
* No rotation required, efficient and uniform heating of food
* The microwave is reflected in all directions, and the food is evenly heated.
* 20L capacity. 700W large firepower, Toshiba Magnetic magnetron.
* Effectively prevent microwave leakage, one key child lock is more worry free.

                   Detailed parameters


MIJIA Microwave Oven

Microcrystalline plate can be quickly heated
20L capacity / Toshiba Magnetic magnetron / Fast heating / Classified thawing / Remote intelligent control / Knob one button fast heating.

Smart microwave oven

Rapid heating of microcrystalline plate, Classification Thawing food
Flat panel heating technology, specially developed thawing technology and 700W high power heating. tookfun.
20L capacity, can place various types of tableware.

Built in WIFI module

After successfully connecting the MIJIA APP, you can remotely control the microwave oven through smart devices such as mobile phones. Convenient to check the remaining heating time, remotely open the child lock, etc.

Using flat board heating technology

No rotation required, efficient and uniform heating of food
Use microcrystalline plate heating. No need to rotate. The surface is evenly distributed with microwaves, and the food is heated in all directions. TOOKFUN

700W large firepower

Toshiba Magnetic magnetron
Imported magnetron, quick start, uniform firepower. Equipped with microwave amplifier to improve the heating efficiency of food.

Intracavity microwave

The microwave is reflected in all directions, and the food is evenly heated.
The microwave emission magnetron is introduced under the microcrystalline plate through a catheter, and the microwave is evenly diffused into the cavity through the agitator. The microwave directly reaches the internal liquid tissue of the food, and uniformly heats in many directions.

Electronic knob operation

Minimalist design of buttons and knobs
Use the multi function electronic knob. Adjustment function mode, fire level, heating time, etc. can be controlled by the knob. Heating is one of the most commonly used functions in microwave ovens. MIJIA microwave ovens have a 60S high fire fast heating mode . There are four modes of thawing, recipe, sterilization, and optional.
Fast heating mode. 3 thaw modes. 11 recipes. 2 sterilization modes. 9 optional modes.

Classification Thawing food

Different foods have different thawing curves
Optimize the microwave thawing plan to improve the problem that some ingredients are heated during the thawing process. The MIJI microwave oven refines the thaw algorithm and can intelligently adjust the firepower for different meats. Keep the food delicious.
01 Frozen meat Defrosted weight 100-2000g
02 Poultry thaw weight 200-3000g
03 Seafood thawing weight 100-900g

Over 30 featured recipes

Not only can heat food quickly, but also cook good food
Comes with 11 selected recipes to meet daily cooking needs. Connect with smart app to choose more recipes and support one click cooking. Microwave heating provides an efficient cooking experience.
11 built in curated recipes.
More than 20 dietitian extension recipes. TOOKFUN

Specially developed baby meal mode

Make milk, fruit puree, vegetable puree, etc. with one click
The heating temperature is customized for the baby, and the nutrition of the food will not be destroyed during the heating process. Built in 4 baby meal modes.

7 -fold protection

Effectively prevent microwave leakage, one key child lock is more worry free
Four layers of microwave barrier layer, triple door lock protection switch. New design, efficient microwave shielding.
Four microwave barrier layers. Triple protection switch.

Smart APP control

Open the app, and the function menu is clear at a glance. Support remote control. One key child lock. Easily view recipes. You can also set preferences such as firepower and features. Match usage habits.

20L capacity

Meet the needs of the family for daily heating of food

Push type door locks to avoid shaking / Opening the door at a large angle makes it easy to get food in and out.Illumination lamp / the state inside the cavity is visible.

MIJIA microwave oven

Quality Smart Microwave Oven
20L capacit / Microcrystalline plate heating / Fast heating mode / Classification Thawing foodn / 700W firepower / Intelligent control.


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